Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi Provides Advice on Securing the Right Accountant

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi offers insider's tips on finding an accountant.

Online PR News – 01-August-2014 – Atlanta, GA – Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is a small business owner and trained accountant who lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is employed as an accountant by a company called Global Work LLC. He was born and raised in Benin, West Africa, where he attended school and earned degrees in Audit and Corporate Finance.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi says that when shopping around for accounting services there are many things to consider, whether you're looking as an individual or for a business. The difference between a good accountant and a bad accountant, says Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi, can cost an individual thousands of dollars, and a business much, much more. Bad accountants, he says, tend to miss out on the costs of running a business and on advice for good investments. And so Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi has some tips that could help you or your business into more profitable times.

When you're looking around for an accountant, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi says, you need to figure out exactly what it is that you want.

Only that changing your accountant isn't hard – so don't over stress about choosing one. If it isn't working for you, find another accountant – simple as that. You are likely to receive suggestions from friends and relatives, but he says never take anyone's word on an accountant, because what works for them might not work for you. Ask them some hard questions: why do you like this accountant you're recommending? What kind of good business advice and tax advice have they offered you? Did this advice help you save money?

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi recommends that you also put some tough questions to any prospective accountant. What kind of creative business advice might they have? Are you tech-savvy? Keeping up with technology, he says, is a real good indicator that an accountant keeps up with the times.

Once you have settled on an accountant, or at least, settled on several different accountants to choose from, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi says you need to ask yourself, honestly, whether you and the accountant are going to be able to get along. You and the accountant are going to have personal conversations during the course of your business relationship, so Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi says it's important to make sure your personalities are a good match.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi it's important to be honest with your accountant, but says it's a good idea to use a little trick when deciding on who to choose. He says as a prospective accountant a question that you already know the answer to, and assess him or her accordingly. For example, ask about the deductibility of purchases you have made or might make under your business entity. Gauge his response against what you already know on the subject.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi says to already remember that there are accountants out there who are only interested in getting paid. There are others who are just too busy to give you the service you need, which means your business or personal finances will suffer; you could find yourself paying more tax than you need to. You're paying the accountant for the services they render, he says, so you should receive a first-class service, otherwise, what's the point.

Finally, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi says that changing your accountant isn't hard, so if you decide you have made the wrong choice, find another one.

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