Scalar Energy Pendant shown to be Helpful for Health

A piece of good news: A scalar energy pendant shown to be helpful for health is now available to those seeking natural means to protect their health and improve upon it.

Online PR News – 01-August-2010 – – A piece of good news: A scalar energy pendant shown to be helpful for health is now available to those seeking natural means to protect their health and improve upon it.

[Toronto, Canada] - Also called therapy pendant, this portable piece of health accessory made from special Japanese volcanic lava can be worn around the neck or put in the pocket by the consumer.

The scalar energy behind the pendant works by potentially harmonizing the body’s life-force by absorbing heat energy and absorbing it into bio-energy which helps the body's metabolic functions achieve holistic wellness.

What this means is that scalar-energy enhanced pendant has healing properties that are very much helpful for those searching for natural means of maintaining health.

The idea behind scalar energy is not new; however, it is only recently that scientists have discovered it and begun using this type of natural energy. Introduced to the United States in early 2008, it was in the mid-19th century that it was proposed that such energy existed.

According to Scalar Squad Productions, a group of artists, environmentalists and the health-conscious, the existence of scalar energy was first demonstrated by Nikola Tesla, a 19th- and 20th-century Yugoslav American scientist whose research and inventions are also responsible for the discovery of radio waves, robotics and the use of electricity as we know it today. Wikipedia also states that he was also best known for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism.

Also named by Tesla as “radiant energy,” scalar energy is a natural good energy and doesn't have any side effect. With this natural energy, the scalar energy pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance.

This scalar energy pendant helpful for health purportedly aims to work better than comparable non-scalar energy enhanced nutritional supplements by entering the body faster. This is so because of the optimization of electrical charges across cell membranes of the body, transferring health-promoting energy to every cell in the user’s body. This way, nutrients move in and wastes move out of the cells at peak efficiency.

And although it is just recently that products which emit scalar energy have come out, both studies by scientists and testimonials by users are proving that scalar energy products are indeed effective in protecting the health of those who use them.

Among the many uses of the scalar energy pendant, it also supposedly strengthens body cells and protects immunity, relieves body aches and joint pains, makes the user more energetic, and even protects from harmful effects of excess electromagnetism.

This piece of handmade jewelry is not only for people but for non-humans as well. It can benefit animals and plants by energizing them; drinking water and cooked or raw food can also be energized. It can also extend the shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables and even that of flowers.

The pendant is reportedly also able to energize personal beauty applications like lotions, moisturizers, hair growers and others. Moreover, it can help enhance the flavor of food, juice and wine.

A scalar energy pendant helpful for health is certainly good news for everyone out there.