Database Meets SSD Meetup Announces Speaker Details for August 6 in Santa Clara

The Chief Steward and lead analyst at Storage Switzerland, George Crump, will present on “The Storage Architect and the DBA.”

Online PR News – 31-July-2014 – Rohnert Park – Santa Clara, CA July 30, 2014 -- George Crump, Chief Steward and founder of Storage Switzerland, presents “The Storage Architect & The DBA: Three Steps to a Productive Relationship to Achieve Optimized Database Performance.” The second presenter, Haoyuan Li, heads the Tachyon Project at UC Berkeley. He will present “TACHYON: A Reliable Memory Centric Storage for Big Data Analytics.” 

Abstract for George Crump’s presentation: The storage infrastructure is often blamed for database performance issues. This can lead to conflict between the DBA and the Storage Architect. Neither is able to gain clear insight into the true nature of the problem and often end up “throwing hardware” at the problem. New storage as a solution overlooks an opportunity to achieve less disruptive and more substantial results.  Learn the steps to focus on the real problem and ensure optimal database performance.

Abstract for Haoyuan Li’s presentation: Memory is the key to fast big data processing. Frameworks, such as Spark and Shark, already leverage memory performance. With these advancement, big data storage is becoming a critical bottleneck in many workloads. This talk introduces Tachyon, a memory centric fault-tolerant distributed file system, which enables reliable file sharing at memory-speed across cluster frameworks, such as Spark and MapReduce. Tachyon achieves memory-speed and fault-tolerance by using memory aggressively and leveraging lineage information. Tachyon is Hadoop compatible. Existing Spark and MapReduce programs can run on top of it without any code change. The project is open source (Apache License 2.0) and is deployed at multiple companies. It has more than 40 contributors from over 15 institutions, including Intel, Redhat, Yahoo, and Pivotal. The project is the storage layer of the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) and also part of the Fedora distribution.

This Meetup takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara in Ballroom G on August 6, 2014 at 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM. Parking is FREE. In addition to registering on the Meetup Site, to be admitted you must have a Flash Memory Summit badge. Registration is free at the website. Be sure to click the FREE EXPO pass choice. Registration will be open until 7:00 PM.

The Meetup was founded by a partnership between Stein Writes, Inc., a high-tech marketing consultancy and the ExecEvent. Greg Duplessie, CEO, founded ExecEvent as a venue for industry insiders to meet, learn, and interact without the distractions of large trade shows. Lee Stein founded Stein Writes, Inc. because he recognized the need for marketing-oriented communications and marketing-driven content for high-tech clients.

Sponsors: Flash Memory Summit, Brocade, and NetApp. Sponsor inquiries welcome

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