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Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – Ossian Indiana – Ossian, IN - Salts Worldwide recently released gourmet
salt sampler packs to give consumers the option to try various types
of this all around condiment at an affordable price. The sampler packs
present five of the most sought after crystalline sea salts and rock
salts used in various food preparations like baking, cooking and

Salts Worldwide, a supplier of exotic natural salts based in Ossian,
Indiana - distributes salts with trace minerals from the Himalayas,
the Pacific, Hawaii, France, the Dead Sea, and Epsom, England. Lately,
the company started offering packs of five salts in two, four and
eight ounce glass jars to allow consumers to appraise different salts.
The company offers a Five Salt Sampler Pack (2.5 lbs) consisting of
one 8-oz. glass jar each of Black Lava Hawaiian Salt, Alaea Salt, Pink
Himalayan Salt, French Grey Sea Salt and Fleur de Sel Sea Salt. The
sampler pack also comes in four 4-oz. glass jars each of Black
Hawaiian, Alaea, Sel Gris and Pink Himalayan and 90 grams of Fleur de
Sel. A mini version of the Five Salt Sampler Pack at 2-oz. each type
of salt is being sold at a very low price.

Not all salts are the same. The sampler packs will give consumers a
taste of the differences in texture, color, solubility, saltiness and
health benefits of salts. The Pink Himalayan Salt is hand-mined from
ancient underground salt deposits in Pakistan. Its color is from very
light to deep red and considered one of the purest salts for its
mineral contents. It can be used in cooking and finishing gourmet
foods. The Black Lava Hawaiian Salt on the other hand gets its
coloring from infused charcoal used during the process of salt
production. Like the Red Alaea Salt, the Black Lava Salt is harvested
in the islands of Hawaii and contains natural trace minerals derived
from volcanic sediments. The Red Salt gets its color from baked molten
clay called Alaea.

Fleur de Sel and Sel Gris are both harvested from brine in salt
evaporation ponds in France. These types of salt are scraped off from
the surface of the water before the salt crystals sink. The process
involves the evaporation of brine and collected into shallow ponds
until most soluble and insoluble impurities have been separated from
the salt by sinking or evaporating. Fleur de Sel is much finer than
the Sel Gris which is coarse and granular and so it is best served as
finishing for salads. Nevertheless, it is very flexible as it
dissolves gently on any dish. The coarse and chunky Sel Gris is good
for roasting and in preparing fish and meat for smoking.

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