BlackCoin launches BLKFeed as community hub for news and information

BlackCoin announced today the launch of BLKFeed, a platform for aggregating all BlackCoin news and information.

Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – Miami, FL – BlackCoin, a top 10 digital currency by market cap that secures its network entirely through proof of stake, announced today the launch of BLKFeed, a platform for aggregating all BlackCoin news and information. BlackCoin developers are driving this initiative to help keep the coin’s robust community informed about new developments and to maximize engagement with the BlackCoin Foundation.

Features of the BLKFeed Platform

The BLKFeed platform builds on BlackCoin’s momentum within the digital currency world. The coin’s developers continue to release new functionality and capabilities, and BLKFeed makes it easy for crypto-enthusiasts to find the latest news.

Information available at includes:

• Updating news tiles that enable the BlackCoin community to stay current on announcements as they are published live.
• Live updating price widgets that support current exchanges using BlackCoin. BLKFeed also lists the current buy pressure generated by the BlackCoin multipool for the day.
• A list of different merchants and services that accept BlackCoin, with links that open in a new tab.
• A Reddit section that pulls the most recent Reddit posts from the sub-Reddit directly into BLKFeed so users can quickly see what topics are trending.
• The Projects Page that provides information about current projects in development or completed, with a progress bar showing the status.
• The official BlackCoin forum, providing access to the BlackCoin Foundation in the same way that bitcointalk enables the Bitcoin community to engage with each other and post questions.

Comments on the News

“The BLKFeed is a great way for BlackCoin supporters to soak up the latest the news very quickly,” said Research and Development Director Steven McKie. “It’s easy to fall behind in the world of digital currencies, and this platform helps keep everyone up to speed.”

“In this decentralized world, our ability to centralize information related to BlackCoin is a must,” said Software Development Director Maarten Visser. “As with all of BlackCoin, we will continue to improve and upgrade this platform, but we are excited to offer our community this Version 1.0.”

About BlackCoin

BlackCoin is a transparent and accessible digital currency that operates entirely through proof of stake. Proof of stake offers a number of advantages over proof of work systems including much faster confirmation times, less selling pressure due to its unminable protocol, and independence from expensive and energy-intensive mining. The digital currency is supported by the BlackCoin multipool, which pays out in BlackCoin. The BlackCoin Foundation consists of a worldwide network of brand ambassadors, who lead a vibrant international community of BlackCoin advocates.