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Independent Musicians from around the world have united through a project called "Indie 360". This project is organized by the independent record company 3000 Records.

Online PR News – 26-August-2009 – – Detroit, Michigan – Independent Musicians and Bands from around the world have joined together for a new Co-Op (compilation) CD project called "Indie 360" (Independent 360 degrees). The latest CD is titled "Radio Now! Volume 11" and contains music of various music styles. The common ground these Musicians and Bands have is an interest in sharing their music with new listeners world-wide.

Musicians who would like an outlet for their music, and fans who want to hear original songs without corporate flair have found a solution. 3000 Records organizes and distributes compilation CDs to independent radio stations, magazines and other promotional contacts in the music industry. These CDs are made available free to the public at live performances, record stores, and other store outlets in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

The company "3000 Records" was founded by a Musician named Terrance Day (a.k.a. Country Buck). The first compilation was put together in 1996 in Kalamazoo, Michigan using traditional flyers and word of mouth. "Actually, after losing a promised spot on a compilation, I decided to start up my own", said Terrance. Here it is 13 years later, and independent Musicians and Bands from around the world are gaining recognition through these ongoing projects.

3000 Records has gained the trust of thousands of Musicians since the first compilation CD release. The promotional service is used as a way to help independent Musicians gain more exposure for their music. The compilations are also mailed to over 175 radio stations and music industry contacts from promotional purposes. For more information visit or call 1-888-Indie-360

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