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Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – boston,UK – Natalia Fernandez Cortes, Colombian
One-Year MBA, 2013, London
Pre Hult: Research Associate, Colombian Private Council on
Competitiveness (Government/Non-Profit/Education)
I view the MBA from Hult as the Rosetta Stone that I require to achieve my goals.


Several factors made me single out Hult. First its global reach: different global locations, including London and Shanghai, two cities that I had always wanted to explore, with plans to keep expanding.

Second, Hult's practical education vision and model. I had always thought of an MBA as being more applicable than academic, and I felt the action learning model at Hult provided the clearest path to a practical insight into management.

Third, the dedication offered by Hult's staff throughout the application and recruitment process. Through my Admissions Officer (who was a great guide!) I developed direct empathy with Hult.

Fourth, since my background is in social and public policy, I felt the Global Case Challenge (now known as the Hult Prize) would offer a great balance between a business pro-profit management focus and socially responsible outcomes. This was particularly important and appealing to me.

Fifth, Hult's steady climb up the academic rankings—the school has consistently built its reputation by effectively utilizing its marketing and academic resources.

Hult is a friendly environment. I find there is a spirit of cooperation and desire to all learn from each other at Hult, rather than an individualised or competitive atmosphere.

In the classroom, I am enjoying many of my modules, even those I would never have expected to! For example, I thought I didn't have the "heart" for Finance, but Professor Soufani teaches the subject in a very applied and pragmatic way, like when he explained the financial crisis comprehensively in one session.

My extra-curricular activities include my membership of the Women's Business Club and soon the Consulting Club, which I think will prove relevant for my next steps. I am organising a Latin American Business Conference. I am also involved in sports at Hult through the Tennis Club.
On and off campus I have an active and varied social life with classmates I have befriended from my course, especially my MBA Module A team! We have established a cultural exchange tradition of gathering to try food from each of our countries together.
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I chose the Shanghai campus because I am convinced that understanding China will give me a great competitive advantage both now and in future. I considered full immersion, living and experiencing the culture, the customs, the way they do business, and a little of the language, essential to this end.
I am confident opportunities like the Action Project at a leading firm in Shanghai will open endless doors.I consider London a cultural city that has a lot to offer both personally and professionally. It is home to most of the large firms I have always dreamed to work for, as well as small and medium-sized firms with lots of potential to grow.


I will explore the world of management consulting after graduation, as I think this field of work will best exploit my current skills. Eventually I plan to start my own business and become a high-level government advisor, and I view the MBA from Hult as the Rosetta Stone I require to achieve my goals.

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