The Magic Museum Book Coming on iOS / Android

The Magic Museum, the first book written by Rick Isaacson.

Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – San Francisco, CA – The Magic Museum, the first book written by Rick Isaacson, an Associate Professor at San Francisco State University, is an exquisite children’s literature that supports children’s development effectively, coming up with engaging storytelling. The popular children engaging book is on sale at Amazon.

The interactive Magic Museum book is deemed to be available within a period of a couple of weeks. The application shall be available for download on the Google Play store and the iOS Apple Store, ideally suitable for use in tablets and smartphones. The present iOS version is undergoing rigorous tests, whereas the Android version shall undergo the same sometime later this week.

The Magic Museum or the subsequent Rick Isaacson’s Youth Series books in the pipeline would offer excellent narrative ideal for prolonged reading sessions led by parents or children. The book is focused on rich images and banters of the main characters of ‘The Magic Museum’. Rick Isaacson’s series provides excellent extended material for a thorough discussion, thereby adding shared value to one’s family reading experience.
The Magic Museum harps on a boat of mysteries, riddles, secret stories and discoveries. It is primarily a story about Jack, a 12-year old, obsessed in skateboarding, opting to take on unexpected adventures, by varying art exploration. The book tugs at the adventure-strings of all and sundry and unveils the secret stories revealed specifically to those who possess great art works and a willing and intending vision.

The Magic Museum reveals the innovative paintings by Degas and depicts Jack’s incredible tours through the various halls around the museum. The innovative art book written by Rick Isaacson, with considerate color photos unveiling Degas’ paintings are deemed to help a myriad of parents and a number of children to connect easily through proper storytelling and art.

These days, technology often comes up as a virtual barrier that separates children, families and parents, lessening the overall time required. The Magic Museum – an exquisite part of the Rick Isaacson Series duly offers an innovative kind of telling stories, that adults shall love to enjoy and typically share with their wards.
The Magic Museum is a nice read; Rick Isaacson would love to urge adults to read and share with their children, thus spending some quality time through family sessions between the parents and children. The inception of the popular series of books written by Rick Isaacson, on iOS and Android helps reduce discrepancies, augment larger outreach, visibility, thus emerging as an electronics narrative ideal for many families!

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