Wireless Innovation Forum Announces Approval of its FY2015 Operations Plan by Membership

Plan outlines activities and work products that facilitate Forum's mission of advocating for the innovative use of spectrum and advancing radio technologies.

Online PR News – 29-July-2014 – Washington, DC – The Wireless Innovation Forum (http://www.WirelessInnovation.org), a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced the approval of its 2015 Operations plan by its membership. The Wireless Innovation Forum Board of Directors has established the following eight items as high level objectives for the Forum for the period from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 in executing on the Forum’s Strategic Plan:

• Establish the Forum as the multi-stakeholder group for federal spectrum sharing
• Revitalize defense communications membership
• Establish relevant projects
• Formalize partnership relationships with end user community
• Improve regional support
• Strengthen the Forum’s brand.
• Grow Revenue
• Harmonize Standards

"I’m excited by the 2015 Operations plan that outlines notable activities and work products that will facilitate the Forum's mission of advocating for the innovative use of spectrum and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications worldwide," said WInnForum chair Bruce Oberlies of Motorola (NYSE:MSI).

This plan is supported through objectives by its Spectrum Innovation Committee (SIC) and the Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards (CC SCA).

Objectives for the SIC include:
• Establishing the Forum as the Multi-Stakeholder Group for Federal Spectrum Sharing
• Establishing relevant projects
• Formalizing partnership relationships with end user communities
• Growing revenue

SIC objectives will be supported through a project plan that includes acting on existing projects, supporting the Spectrum Innovation Committee Roadmap, evolving the Forum’s Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations List and supporting the advocacy agenda.

Current SIC projects include:
• Integrated Communications Systems Model
• Receiver Performance Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria
• Spectrum Sharing Annual Report
• Standard Spectrum Resource Format (SSRF)
• Elements of Context for Cognitive Radio Based Public Safety Communications Systems

More information about these projects can be found on the SI web page: http://groups.winnforum.org/spectrum_innovation_committee

Objectives for the CC SCA include:
• Increasing committee participation and revenue generation
• Acting as SCA standards custodian
• Rebranding the committee
• Driving SCA standards evolution through needs-based roadmaps
• Developing and leveraging end-user community partnerships
• Promoting SCA standards and technology globally

The CC SCA plans to deliver multiple work products through a series of projects in FY2015, including:
• SCA Waveform Applications Portability Guidelines
• SCA Test Lab Recommendation
• Business Models for New Entrants in the Tactical Radio Market
• SCA Harmonization Roadmap
• SCA Evolution
• SCA Advocacy
• CC SCA Rebranding

Information on these projects can be found on the CC SCA web page: http://groups.winnforum.org/SCA_Committee

Through these objectives, the members of the Forum will develop multiple Reports, Recommendations and Specifications over the coming year for use by the broader advanced wireless community that will be added to our comprehensive Document Library: http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/document_library.

The next Technical Exchange meeting to advance Forum projects will be held in Rome, Italy, 3-7 November 2014. More information on that event can be found here: http://groups.winnforum.org/2014-europe-tem-agenda. The meeting will be held concurrently with the fifth annual Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio (WInnComm-Europe 2014). The conference will feature tree days of high level keynotes, technical presentations, a Tactical Radio Workshop and more. Information can be found at http://Europe.WirelessInnovation.org.

The FY2015 Operations Plan can be downloaded here: http://groups.winnforum.org/winnforum-fy2015-operations-plan .

To learn more about the benefits of Forum Membership, visit our web page at http://www.WirelessInnovation.org.

Established in 1996, The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum Version 2.0) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to driving technology innovation in commercial, civil, and defense communications worldwide. Members bring a broad base of experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio(CR) and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in diverse markets and at all levels of the wireless value chain to address emerging wireless communications requirements. To learn more about The Wireless Innovation Forum, its meetings and membership benefits, visit www.WirelessInnovation.org.

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