Know the Seiko Premier Kinetic Watches Before Buying One

Kinetics are a separate division of the Premier men’s collection that brings together classical watch-making and modern microelectronics.

Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – Montvale, New Jersey – There’s also the Kinetic Direct Drive – motion-powered and shows the power you are putting into it by turning the crown, real time – but we will come to that after a little while.

The Seiko Premier Kinetic watches harmonize the best of both technologies – quartz and mechanical – and creates an entirely new platform. Some call this hybrid technology but it’s not rightly so. It’s no single movement as opposed to what a lot of people think; the past 18 years have seen Seiko developing different movements on the Kinetic platform, each with its own, unique feature. It has been a long journey since 1986 Basel Fair and the first Kinetic prototype AGM (then AGS, two years later); today, it’s more environment-friendly and high-performing and also built to last a lifetime.

Kinetic Auto Relay was introduced in 1998 and it could store power for 48 months; the following years saw alarm, chronographs and the Kinetic Perpetual making way into the arena. The big leap from here was the Titanium watches technology in 2007. It came with two winding functions. The difference is: You can wind it like a mechanical and generate power to run the movement unlike plain Kinetic calibers where it’s just the rotor playing. The KDD also has two indicator functions; it shows the power in reserve and the level of power generated with every turn of the crown.

Anyone eyeing a Kinetic Perpetual must know it is perpetual up to February 28, 2100; beyond that, your heir shall need to set dates and leap years manually. It’s better if he/she doesn’t fidget with the 232 parts (101 in the mechanical gear trains), not including the world's smallest (0.4mm), ultra-sonic motor.

It is paramount that we speak about the Kinetic GMT too. It’s nothing befuddling; just a GMT function added to the Kinetic movement. If you are a regular traveler, the GMT function shall be of great help. It’s ‘set & forget’ convenience.

Last year (i.e. 2013), Seiko introduced a revamped Premier collection; these are sleeker and feature three-dimensional dials. These come with 180-days of power reserve with a power saving feature. The hands stop moving but the watches count the time till power drains out completely; when you pick it up and shake, the watch resets automatically. A new IC does the trick. Quick-start function, as the Seiko people say, it gives you the scope to wear the Seiko watch selectively, at special events or occasions. In that case, choose the Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase or another equally ornamented model; for regular use in formal settings, you must go for the Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar or the Premier Big Date Calendar.