Ehsminer Introduces Low-Cost Litecoin and Vertcoin ASIC Mining Solutions

The performance and new value leader in Scrypt(N) ASIC Mining solutions.

Online PR News – 31-July-2014 – PARIS, Paris (75) – Paris, France/Worldwide (28 July, 2014) - Crypto currency continues to grow into a larger enterprise daily. Services such as EhsMiner, Ethical Hacking Service, are in the business of designing and producing hardware for this movement. Primarily concentrating on these currencies like Lite coin, Dogecoin, Feather coin, or Vertcoin, which are all alternatives to the wildly popular Bit coin, they has designed a new ASCI miner that will seriously move miners ahead in the game.

August will see the release of the ASCI Scrypt (N) Miner Wolf V1. EhsMiner introduces low-cost Lite coin and Vert coin ASCI mining solutions with this new miner device. At 1Gh/s of power hash, this Wolf V1 miner from EhsMiner is the most powerful in the world for the alternative virtual currencies.

They spent an extraordinary amount of time on this design in order to bring a scalable architecture to the solution that is completely different from all competitors. Their state-of-the-art design methodologies and advanced architectures allow them to produce these mining solutions with the highest performance available.

The prototype of the Wolf V1 miner will be available middle of August 2014. EhsMiner is planning to produce a small presentation video and schema concentrating on the miner and its proof-of-work to introduce this revolutionary mining device to the market.

Built in the U.S. Using Intel processing technology, this Speedster development kit is built on the most advanced technology available that delivers higher performance with lower power consumption than traditional technologies. And the Wolf V1 miner is upgradable to 3 GH/s for phenomenal performance.

EhsMiner, Ethical Hacking Service is based in Paris, France. They are dedicated to computer security and have been working with virtual currencies since 2009. Founded by Haikel Ben Hmida with a goal of providing innovative and specialized hardware products to the industry, they now produces the most powerful ASCI miners for all virtual currencies based in Scrypt and Scrypt-N algorithms. The experienced engineering team of semiconductor designers and architects have been involved in design and production for some of the world's top names like Samsung, Siemens and Intel.

They are accepting pre-orders of the Asic ScryptN miner Wolf V1 mining device once the prototype is ready by the end of August. Shipments will begin in the last quarter of 2014, and the total stock will be 1020 units, so they will go fast. It's also important to note that while they are dedicated to bringing forth the Wolf V1 with already phenomenal hash rates, they reserve the right to increase hash rates and performance at any time - something no one will argue with any time soon.

Be sure to get in on the virtual currency industry while there is room for growth, and you can do so with powerful devices from them. Remember when you had a chance to be involved with Yahoo or Google at the ground floor and you passed? Don't be caught behind this time - contact EhsMiner for equipment that will have you virtual currency-mining in no time.

Contact EhsMiner, Ethical Hacking Service at +33 (0) 9 87 67 51 45 in France or 609-619-0187 in the US. You can also email to or visit them online at