Getting the Best Pre-Cast Retaining Walls in Australia

Tilt-Up Fencing is a one of the successful business that has provided quality work to the residential and commercial sector.

Online PR News – 31-July-2014 – QLD – There are many things that one has to consider when it comes to constructing houses or even buildings. Planning and designing the establishments is one of the hardest and most painstaking processes that need careful examination and expert decision. You cannot just let someone control or manage this without having proper and appropriate knowledge about the matter.

Also, not anyone knows the Do’s and Don’ts of construction so it is only pertinent to hire someone or get the services of a company that has full knowledge and understanding of the different things and factors in constructing establishments.

Good thing Australian Tilt-up Fencing offers top of the line products and services that you cannot simply get from other companies. This company is comprised of experts and specialists in the construction industry who are more than willing to provide you with high quality products and incomparable services.

They do almost all methods of fencing including precast concrete retaining walls and tilt up fencing.

What is a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are used as classic ground engineering solutions for a long time. It is constructed and designed to repel the lateral pressure of soil to unusual slopes. It has been proven as an effective way to maintain earth retention and it also keeps the lands around a specific establishment safe, stable, and steady. This method is used and is popular throughout Australia and is most commonly used by building firms, commercial companies, and government agencies.

Types of Retaining Walls

Determining the right type of retaining wall for your establishment is crucial in order to maximize and fully utilize the features of your building. Knowing about them will be helpful for you to come up with a decision on what kind to pursue.

Gravity Wall – This is the most commonly-used type of retaining wall. It depends on the mass to resist pressure from behind and utilise friction in order to guarantee a safe and secure environment. It can also be made stronger and tougher by soil nailing, a method of treating unstable natural soil slopes to allow over-steepening of existing soil slopes.

Crib Wall – It can accommodate even the hardest and strangest landscapes but it is also cost-efficient and reliable in terms of providing complete support and stabilizing slopes.

Gabion Mesh Wall – This is the most unique type of gravity retaining walls and it is extremely resistant to erosion for it forms a distinctive containment system that acts as a load against overturning and horizontal forces.

Cantilavered Wall –This supports active soil pressures and transmit applied forces vertically into the ground they are placed on. This is also shaped as an upside down letter “T”.

Hire the Experts

These and other precast concrete retaining walls and fencing services are provided by Australian Tilt-Up Fencing. Learn more about us and our provided services by visiting for more information.