Kitchenware Plus give 50 % Markdown on their New Bamboo Slicing Board Package

Kitchenware Plus released their latest product, the Bamboo cutting board set which is best for cutting bread, meat and vegetables.

Online PR News – 29-July-2014 – Portland/Oregon – A new device is out on the market. Kitchenware Plus presents a new set of Bamboo chopping board which is ideal for slicing bread, meat and vegetables. The company also offer a 50 % price cut on any purchase of this new offer.

Kitchenware Plus produces top quality kitchen merchandises and instruments. Recently, the CE of the enterprise announces the company's new product, the ideal large bamboo cutting set. This new product is eco-friendly and was made from good quality bamboo. Each cutting board features drip notch for easy cleaning and safe-keeping. The set is made up of one huge cutting board (18" X 13") and a petite board (13" x 8.5"). Each board was made from 3/4"inch of bamboo wood to resist warping and cracking.

Kitchenware Plus's Bamboo cutting board can go on for a long period of time. It was developed from reduced quality bamboo ingredient making it more durable and lighter than chopping boards made from maple wood. This new item is eco-friendly since it was made from bamboo, a highly natural resource. Another good feature of this product is that it is durable and attractive enough to serve at the best dining table. The normal effect of the bamboo and the elegance that it conveys make it a new serving decoration in many diners. They love the natural style of the product because it is consistent and homogenous which show a chic and attractive look.

Kitchenware Plus' bamboo chopping board includes a bamboo care instructions and a bonus Blade Sharpening training course and unique training videos. In addition to the 50 % discount, the products or services is also endorsed with 100 % life long money back promise.