Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips Based on World Cup Social Media Successes

Internet marketing agency introduces Social Media marketing tips resulting from an ongoing study of successful World Cup social networking strategies.

Online PR News – 31-July-2010 – – The 2010 World Cup concluded over a month ago but according to part two of an independent analysis its impact on Social Media marketing strategies should provide a successful outline for future Social Networking engagements. An outline that demonstrated a company doesn't necessarily need to invest big money to leverage the power of social networking and viral marketing. What follows is a condensed list of Social Media marketing tips based on findings that revealed a pattern of success.

The information in this release is a continuation of the "Social Media World Wide Cup" (1) market research promotion that was conducted by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing. A several month long Social Media market research promotion aimed at advancing awareness of the benefits, cost efficiency and measurable results that can be obtained by a strategically planned Social Media marketing strategy. To view additional Social Media case studies and resources visit the Irbtrax website displayed beneath this release. For information on how Irbtrax can help you optimize and promote your Social Media strategy interested parties are urged to use the methods provided on their website." target="_blank" class="highlight_link">

A sample of the patterns and subsequent tips that emerged during this analysis include:

Capitalizing on Event based marketing:

Event based marketing recognizes the potential of a specific or unique time sensitive opportunity that’s expected to gain wide attention and attempts to leverage resources accordingly. The event in this case was the 2010 World Cup. The opportunity recognized that the 2010 World Cup was the first such World Cup to occur during the increased acceptance, use and expansion of Social Media marketing. The potential was the expected surge in Internet traffic based on the appeal of this particular global attraction.

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Engaging in Internet market research to answer the following key questions:

- Who is our target audience and what value added content appears to best match their needs or preferences.
- Roughly what rough percent of our target audience is involved in social networking and which source destinations do they prefer.
- Can we utilize any existing platforms we’ve created or optimize content we currently distribute to help achieve our goals and objectives.

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Cost efficient pre-event online and offline marketing:

The analysis revealed that a common trait shared by the most successful World Cup oriented Social Media campaigns was the ability to generate publicity using a variety of highly efficient and lower cost resources. Examples of highly efficient lower cost resources include specialized email marketing to an already captured audience. Creative online or offline news announcements that are optimized to be picked up and distributed by third party media or Blog sources. Offering incentives of a perceived value that compelled visitors to refer other potentially interested parties. The common theme was the ability to take full advantage of Viral Marketing benefits and initiating a self perpetuating online word of mouth advertising approach.

The analysis concluded that businesses and online entrepreneurs wishing to maximize their Social Media Internet marketing results would be well advised to use the principles of event marketing, timing, trend and target audience market research.

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