SF Cable Launches Custom Made Exclusive HDMI Angle Connector Cables

SF Cable presents the Custom HDMI Straight to Up and Straight to Down Angle Connector Cables for Seamless working.

Online PR News – 28-July-2014 – Hayward – SF Cable is an online distributer of high quality cords, cables, components, and accessories(in stock and custom) at one of the most competitive prices.They have always put customer first and have adhered to their demands since long.

The have now launched – the HDMI Straight to Up 90° and Straight to Down 90° Angle Connector Cables. They have been made with the state of the art technology and are suited to connect all entertainment devices perfectly in constricted places where a traditional cord just won't fit and deliver the best picture quality images.

Custom-designed from SF Cable, these distinctive angle connector cables cater to Straight to Up 90° and Straight to Down 90° HDMI connectivity and are the best solution for all entertainment connections including HDTV, 3DTV, Blu-Ray, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, HD Cable, Apple TV, and PC – practically any HDMI output.

These cables offer the choice of high speed cable and high speed Ethernet and deliver data transfers up to 10.2 GB. The HDMI Straight to Up 90° and Straight to Down 90° Angle Connector Cables support Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™, as well as 3D (for a true 3D entertainment experience) and 4K resolution (above and beyond 1080p - rivaling systems in commercial movie theaters).

These innovative and new connectors are available in multiple lengths, 1.8, 3 and 5 meters (in stock) and custom making the ideal length always available. SF Cable guarantees all their products with lifetime technical support and offers a lifetime warranty on cables, adapters, and non-electronic products.

Visit http://www.sfcable.com/search.html?q=hdmi+angle+cable today for more details and find out whatever information you need including the HDMI Straight to Up 90° and Straight to Down 90° Angle Connector Cables, to keep all your entertainment devices connected.

About SF Cable

SF cable started in 2002 and have launched a really good collection of finest quality cables, components and accessories (including custom products) at the lowest prices available online with complete customer satisfaction.

Today SF Cable offers great services due to their massive inventory of over 8,000 SKUs of cables, components, and accessories always awaiting shipment to customers (same day in
most cases). In-House Custom orders are shipped within two to three days for networking cables, fiber Cables, and modular adapters. SF Cable products and wares are of the highest quality ad customers have always given positive response to the same.
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