Uncivil Rights: A Guide to Workers' Rights by Frederick T. Golder

Uncivil Rights is the book you need to understand and protect your rights at work and in court.

Online PR News – 26-August-2009 – – Beachfront Press is honored to introduce Boston-area author, professor Frederick T. Golder. His latest book, UNCIVIL RIGHTS: A Guide to Workers' Rights, is perfectly suited for these tough economic times. People are losing jobs at a record pace. The unemployment rate is the highest it has been in 26 years. As the job market continues to tighten, workers seem more expendable, and a more cavalier attitude toward workers' rights has a tendency to develop.

In an age of corporate bailouts and Wall Street favoritism, media attention to workers’ rights issues has languished. In the media UNCIVIL RIGHTS should garner the sort of attention that “the common man” deserves. Professor Golder is determined to make a difference. He's a passionate workers' rights advocate, always brimming with interesting, timely, practical advice and anecdotes.

This is the book you need to understand your job rights.

Uncivil Rights not only describes your rights in the workplace, it teaches you how to protect those rights, and provides strategies for surviving your employment crisis. Golder’s trial experience and employment knowledge provide workers and their employers a means to resolve workplace conflicts peacefully.

Uncivil Rights describes in detail the laws that affect workers and provides strategies to use to avoid being one of the millions of American workers who will lose their jobs. With unemployment reaching record levels and a severe economic recession not seen since the Great Depression, this is the book you need to protect yourself. What are your rights at work? How can you resolve workplace disputes, and keep your job and your sanity? What resources are available for workers? What if you decide to sue your employer? What can you expect? Uncivil Rights answers those questions and more, and provides the tools you need to succeed at work. Learn what you need to know about:

· Your employment rights
· How to protect those rights
· Methods for resolving conflicts at work
· Resources to help at work and in court
· Overcoming obstacles in court

Uncivil Rights: A Guide to Workers’ Rights (2nd Edition, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0-9800611-2-3
On sale: Now
Price: $14.95
Available at: www.beachfrontpress.com or www.frederickgolder.com and other fine retail establishments near you.

About the author:

Frederick T. Golder has practiced labor and employment law for 35 years, obtaining substantial verdicts and settlements for workers. He is currently a professor at the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover teaching courses in labor and employment law. He has served as a trial advisor to the Harvard Law School Trial Advocacy Program, a visiting faculty member of the Trial Program at Emory University Law School, and a judge in the annual Wendell F. Grimes Moot Court Competition at Boston College Law School. Professor Golder has lectured throughout the country and has appeared as a guest on radio and TV, as an expert on labor and employment issues. His publications include: Uncivil Rights, A Guide to Workers' Rights, Labor and Employment Law: Compliance, and Litigation, 3rd Ed.; Federal Employment Rights — Cases and Materials; Employment Discrimination — Cases and Materials; State Employment Rights — Cases and Materials.

Praise for Uncivil Rights:

"An excellent guide to understanding and protecting your job rights."
--Nadine Strossen, Former President, American Civil Liberties Union

"Uncivil Rights tells it like it is. Congratulations to Fred Golder for exposing the
bitter grim truth concerning employee rights litigation...."
--Paul H. Tobias, Chair of the National Employee Rights Institute

“Uncivil Rights gives you the skills and confidence so that individually at least you can stop the company from pushing you around and getting away with it.”
--Ralph Nader

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