Falcon Aerial Photography Gives High Resolution Views From 1,000 FT.

Seeing a property from above describes it in a way that is hard to imagine from the ground

Online PR News – 31-July-2010 – – "Viewing a picture of a property from above in high resolution helps you to see it in a whole new way. Access to the property, its proximity to everything around it becomes very clear. Seeing a property from above describes it in a way that is hard to imagine from the ground" says George Murray, owner of Falcon Aerial Photography, Inc. He ought to know. He employs professional photographers and pilots to take high resolution, commercial aerial photos.

"People are naturally image oriented," says Murray. "When we flip through a magazine or a web page we are drawn to the images. Advertisers have known this for years. A prospective client or buyer always studies a picture closely before spending any time reading the detailed information about the property."

Aerial photos can show a property in a whole new perspective. It can show potential best use for a property and shows adjoining property features. “Aerial photographs are useful for documenting, planning, decision support, listing presentations, record keeping, and inspections and make memorable high end gifts. Sometimes people want an aerial photo of their property just to show off its appearance. Having an aerial photo of their business or home makes a great conversation piece," says Murray. Property owners also use aerial photography to check on the condition of their property at different times of the year.

Aerial photography is a surprisingly affordable and cost effective way to showcase your property or business. You can reach George Murray at Falcon Aerial Photography by calling 630 626-4295 in Naperville, Illinois. Falcon Aerial Photography operates out of the Naperville, Illinois area serving the Chicagoland area, providing aerial photography services.