Newest Fatty Liver Web Resource Aims to Eliminate Fatty Liver Disease

Fight Fatty Liver Disease with a Fatty Liver Diet Plan

Online PR News – 31-July-2010 – – Just launched this week, Fatty Liver Diet looks to join in the fight to eliminate Fatty Liver Disease. Fatty Liver Disease or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a disease without any symptoms. Basically, it is the accumulation of fat in the liver that millions of obese people suffer from, or dangerously at risk of succumbing to. There are no medications or surgeries to cure a fatty liver, only diet and exercise. Without proper attention to a fatty liver, the disease could eventually lead to cirrhosis and death. Fatty Liver Diet offers treatment and diet options, as well as exercise programs, most compatible for eliminating a fatty liver. (

“A fatty liver diet plan is not one of the easiest diets to follow, and there is not a vast amount of options to help cure the disease,” said a spokesperson for the site. “Many diets are not customizable, or fall outside of the strict guidelines prescribed by physicians. At Fatty Liver Diet, we showcase those diets and fitness plans that fit within those specific fatty liver diet guidelines, and offer healthy diet supplements as well.”

It is strongly urged by the site to seek a doctor’s advice before going into any new diet or fitness routine. The common recommendation is to lose at least one pound per week, to keep from progressing or worsening a fatty liver. With proper diet and exercise, it is completely possible to eliminate a fatty liver.

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