7 Figure Marketing School for Any New or Seasonal Marketer

Explaining what the 7 figure marketing school is and testimonial

Online PR News – 26-August-2009 – – The 7 figure marketing school is a great place for any new beginners wanting to get into the online business, also it will help the seasonal marketer brush up on techniques that they normally don't use as much. With the live interactive webinars, and the step by step tutorial makes it easy for anyone to understand. Along with the extra support groups (that we use on skype) that you can connect with everyday, that help keep you focused on the the goals you want to succeed in. You also get paid to refer others to the site. Not only do we have the marketing side, we also have another important part to succeed is the mindset webinars we have every week. The main host is Jeremy Brown LifeSuccess Coach, taught by Bob Proctor himself. On occasion Jeremy will bring other guest to the webinar on certain mindset subjects.

Here at the "7 figure marketing school" you will get paid 50% commission on your first level sales and a 10% commission on your second level sales, and you will continue to receive this commission as long as the person you brought in stays a member. This can add up to substanstial amount of money in the long run.

If you just sign 1 person up a week for every week in a year, and those people sign up 1 person a week, your income will be over $100,000 for the year. Every month you do not start over, it is a recurring residual income. Now remember that most of the people are referring 2 or more a DAY! So it is very posssible to sign up 1 a week.

This is school is a blessing for me, and everything that I learned here I love to pass on to those who need to know the inside secrets of promoting as long as the mindset to help you succeed in life. I have never met a group that is so willing to help each other each and everyday. Our mission is to help everyone we can to succeed in life and make your own economy for you. Everyone has the same potential to make the life they want to live. I am here to help anyone who is ready to make a change for themselves.

Here at the "7 Figure Marketing School" we are a family that helps and supports one another. We communicate everyday, and if one person doesn't know something, someone else does, we just ask the group online. Our motto is "No One Left Behind" and we stand by that. This is also my guarantee to you, if you want to join, I will be here to help you and get you connected with the right mindset of people that you need to be around to be successful. This is a business and not a get rich quick scheme.

Shelia Gaston
Author of "Learning The Power From Within You"
Internet Marketing Coach

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