Elise Abram, author of Phase Shift, The Mummy Wore Combat Boots and Throwaway Child is proud to announce the blog tour for The Revenant, a YA paranormal novel.

Online PR News – 27-July-2014 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Elise Abram, author of PHASE SHIFT, THE MUMMY WORE COMBAT BOOTS and THROWAWAY CHILD is proud to announce the blog tour for her fourth novel, THE REVENANT, a young adult paranormal novel taking place in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

THE REVENANT firmly places Toronto on the supernatural map, introducing revenants, seers, empaths and necromancers to the existing genre canon. In THE REVENANT, Zulu is a teenage boy who died and was resurrected more than a hundred years ago. His main companion is Morgan the Seer, now an old man, who has prophetic dreams. The pair enlists Kat, an empath who sees auras to help them save the people in the Seer's dreams. Little do they know, Malchus, Morgan's dead twin brother, once a powerful necromancer, has found a way back to the living. Believing Morgan responsible for his death, Malchus sets out to raise an army of the undead to help him exact his revenge.

Carpe Librum Girl says, "THE REVENANT is a fresh take on paranormal fantasy and a fresh voice in YA literature."

Sukasa Reads says, "In THE REVENANT author Elise Abram has all the ingredients for a captivating franchise and is on the brink of becoming the new young adult paranormal superstar."

Elise Abram is a teacher of English and Computer Studies by day, wife and mother by night and author when she can steal some time. She pens a blog about literature, popular culture and the human condition whenever the muse moves her. Former archaeologist, avid reader of literary and science fiction and student of the human condition, Abram claims that everything she does, reads, watches and hears is fodder for her writing. She is passionate about Second Cup lattes, cooking, writing and language, differentiated instruction, and ABC's "Once Upon A Time". In her spare time she experiments with paleo cookery, knits badly and writes. Read more at

The blog tour for THE REVENANT will take place throughout the month of August. See for the itinerary.