Lunar Poker: A Form of 5 Card Draw Poker Growing in Prominence

Lunar Poker is a form of 5 Card Draw Poker that has been sweeping the continents like wildfire, attracting players and benefiting casino operators greatly.

Online PR News – 26-July-2014 – Connecticut, Pennsylvania – Lunar Poker is a live poker experience that is growing in popularity around the world. A form of 5 Card Draw Poker, it is familiar to card players in many respects while still offering new and exciting challenges. Unique features, such as the Super Bet option, makes Lunar Poker a game that generates a high volume of betting activity, which makes it appealing to card players and casino operators alike. Casino operators also find Lunar Poker appealing due to how easy it is to teach dealers and staff how to play. A part of this ease is its similarities to more common forms of 5 Card Draw Poker.

Recently, Lunar Poker has been spreading like wildfire in casinos across the United States, Asia, Australia, and Africa. It is set to launch in multiple casino properties across the states of California, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Washington, Arizona, and Oklahoma by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2014. A number of casinos that already offered Lunar Poker are now upgrading to Super Lunar Poker in 2014, including the Kiowa Casino in Oklahoma and the Hollywood Casino in Saint Louis. Internationally, the prospects of Lunar Poker are looking especially promising in South Africa, Asia and Australia. Sun International's Carnival City casino in South Africa already has several Lunar Poker tables in place and is looking to expand these operations. Genting, the world's largest casino group, offers Lunar Poker at their Resorts World Manila, which is located in the Philippines, and is extremely pleased with results. The fact of the matter is Lunar Poker is an appealing game to both experienced and beginner card players, so the game basically sells itself.

The rules of Lunar Poker are fairly simple and should come as familiar to those who have played different variations of 5 Card Draw Poker. The game begins with players placing their mandatory antes and Super wagers, which grants players access to the dealing. Then, the dealer deals each participating player five cards including themselves, with the dealer's final card face up. At this time, players have the additional option of place a Super bet. A Super bet is collected anytime a player's initial hand contains one of the eight super combinations possible. Next, a player has the option to play, fold, or draw by purchasing a 6th card or exchanging 2-5 cards for a price equal to the initial ante. Once a player who has drawn new cards evaluates their new hand they continue playing by placing a bet that is twice their original ante. Before a dealer goes head to head against the players' hands, any player who placed a Super bet on the dealer's hand will be paid out if the dealer does indeed have a Super combination. For a winning player to collect both the bets and antes the dealer must qualify the hand by holding a combination Ace-King or better; otherwise the bets are a push and the winning player collects only the antes.

About: Lunar Poker is a variation of 5 Card Draw Poker that is growing in popularity in dramatic fashion.