Zubair Ghias, Real Estate Investment Professional, Share Helpful Tips for New Real Estate Investors

Acanthus Capital, LLC CEO and President Zubair Ghias has experienced much success in the field of real estate investment.

Online PR News – 26-July-2014 – Chicago, IL – Real estate investment can be a complicated, even nuanced process, one that can often times overwhelm even the savviest of investors. As a long-time real estate investment specialist, and successful leader of a real estate and private equity investment firm, Zubair Ghias has come to understand the key components of successful real estate investment. As President of Acanthus Capital, LLC since 2001, Zubair Ghias knows not only how to identify profitable investment opportunities, but to also create a strategic and effective plan that allows investors the chance to optimize the potential of their investment portfolios.

Below, Zubair Ghias hopes to enlighten both new and seasoned investors on the incredible profit potential of real estate investment, providing useful tips on how best to approach and implement a successful real estate investment strategy.

Understand That Real Estate Investment is a Business

Real estate investment, says Zubair Ghias, is akin to business operation, and should therefore be treated like a business at every opportunity. Knowing that real estate investment is a business, he says, should provide you the need and motivation to create a comprehensive business plan, one that outlines your objectives and that gives you the most effective framework for success.

Analyze Your Credit

Before committing yourself to a particular property investment, says Zubair Ghias, be sure to analyze your current credit situation, i.e. credit score, to see if you do indeed have the ability to adequately fund your investment. Make sure that your debt-to-income ratio is low, and that your credit score is high enough to qualify for any necessary loans you may need to begin your investment. If you do have outstanding debts, such as car or credit card payments, says Zubair Ghias, be sure to lower the level of your obligations before beginning the process.

Narrow Down the Best Locations

Do your research on areas and regions you want to invest in, and be careful to have as much information as possible about the present and future conditions of those areas before jumping into an investment. Often times, says Zubair Ghias, an investor will neglect to research the area surrounding a particular property, leading often to an unexpected decline in property value down the road.

Read Up on Real Estate Investment

This may seem obvious to some, says Zubair Ghias, but it’s necessary to find as much literature, articles, etc. on the subject, and to do your best to understand them, before diving in to property investment. The internet is a great source of information, he says, but be sure to also seek out information from qualified and successful investors before making a substantial financial commitment.

Seeking Out Multiple Sources

There are plenty of sources available to buy properties, says Zubair Ghias, so be sure to tap into every commercial and residential buying sources as possible. Before making a decision on what you want to buy, take the time to carefully look into the abundance of high-quality buying resources currently available. Research and source-shopping, says Zubair Ghias, are crucial and indispensable assets of real estate investment, and neither should be overlooked.

About: Zubair Ghias is a former investment banking professional, as well as a long-time real estate investment expert.