PURE Chooses teraforé Green Cleaning Products for Use in its Partner Hotels World-Wide

PURE International, LLC -- which provides a service to hotels all over the globe whereby they convert existing guest rooms to exceptionally clean, allergy-friendly environments through a patented process -- has chosen to only use teraforé environmentally-friendly green cleaning products in its rooms.

Online PR News – 30-July-2010 – – PURE International, LLC has announced it is adopting green cleaning methods in its process to create allergy-friendly environments in hotel rooms world-wide. PURE’s patented process eliminates bacteria, viruses, odors and allergens in hotel rooms to provide guests with a healthier, cleaner room and a better stay.

The staff at PURE go through a 7-step process to treat every surface, every fabric, the air and water, and in doing so, remove up to 99% of pollutants from the air in each room selected by hotels to be PURE Rooms. While everyone who stays in a PURE Room will benefit from the improved indoor air quality and cleanliness, allergies and asthma sufferers report the greatest improvements in their stay, with easier breathing and a better night’s sleep. Guests who opt for these allergy-friendly rooms pay an average of 10% more than the regular room rate.

Now, in addition, PURE’s program will incorporate all-natural, green cleaning products from teraforé that contain their proprietary anti-allergen solution. Made with all-natural, plant-derived raw materials, teraforé cleaning products, detergents and soaps, are significantly safer for use in indoor environments where people breathe the air.

Many public and private facilities are adopting the use of green cleaning programs. Numerous studies over the years have linked the use of traditional cleaning chemicals with an increase in asthma and allergy rates, especially in janitorial workers and children, whose immune systems aren’t as strong as adults. Some studies have even linked cleaning products to far worse problems such as birth defects and various cancers.

Unlike these traditional cleaning products, teraforé products do not release pollutants into the air such as volatile organic compounds. teraforé’s anti-allergen solution also works to break down allergens such as dust mite matter, rendering them harmless. teraforé products are also recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program and its production facility is Carbonfree Certified.

“The teraforé product line is a great addition to our PURE Room program and a terrific fit. PURE wanted to turn to safer, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to protect our staff and hotel guests and teraforé is not only green, but it also is hypo-allergenic,” explains Goran Andersson, President and CEO of PURE International, LLC.

The EPA has recognized poor indoor air quality as one of the top health concerns in America. To help combat this problem, PURE utilizes hypo-allergenic bedding in its room, anti-bacterial surface coating, and other tactics; but at the core of the program is a an FDA-listed portable air cleaner made by HealthWay.

The teraforé line takes green cleaning to another level and it’s refreshing to see how companies like PURE take pride in providing the greenest, purest solutions for their customers. We are delighted about this partnership,” states Vinny Lobdell, Jr., co-founder of teraforé.

With asthma and allergy rates continuing to grow, many families are now seeking out allergy-friendly and indoor air quality solutions. Thirty-percent of homes now utilize air cleaners like HealthWay’s and the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products is skyrocketing. In 2003 the market for green cleaning products was only $17.7 million. By 2008 this category quadrupled to $64.5 million.

Now, thanks to companies like PURE, HealthWay and teraforé, families and business travelers alike can enjoy the same, if not better, quality of living while away as they enjoy in their own homes. To find a PURE Room for your next trip, visit www.pureroom.com. You can also read more about teraforé at www.teraforé.net.

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