Joseph Plaud Celebrates Over 30 Years of Success in Field of Clinical Psychology

Joseph Plaud is committed to providing comprehensive, technologically advanced and empirically validated clinical services.

Online PR News – 26-July-2014 – Whitinsville, MA – Dr. Joseph Plaud is a clinical psychologist whose graduate training was primarily focused on behavioral assessment and therapy. He received his B.A. in psychology in 1987 from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, with High Honors in Psychology. He enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Maine, in Orono, Maine, where he received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1993, after completing his clinical internship at the University of Mississippi and Jackson Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Jackson, Mississippi.

Joseph Plaud then joined the clinical psychology faculty at the University of North Dakota in 1993 (until 1998), where he was actively involved in the training of clinical and experimental psychology graduate students in their Ph.D. programs.

My professional business involves tough court cases many involving sexual offenders

Joseph Plaud became interested in the philosophical and historical foundations of psychology, with particular interests in the theoretical underpinnings of behaviorism and behavior therapy, and the accurate dissemination of behavior analysis in public forums. He authored articles and testified in numerous court hearings, attesting to the theory of behaviorism that control over actions 'lay in their consequences.'

Joseph Plaud authored an article titled, “The Prediction and Control of Behavior Revisited,” in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. In his article he pointed to research conducted over the past three decades known as matching law research. It was in relation to behavioral allocation and choice, and the findings validated the matching law for both the prediction and control of human behavior. In essence, the theory of behaviorism was validated, through these findings.

Joseph Plaud thinks it is important to be adequately education as to the theories of, and approaches to behaviorism, which is based on the idea that behavior can be scientifically researched without recourse to inner mental states. One or the assumptions of behaviorism is that free will is illusory and all behavior is determined by the environment, either through association or reinforcement.

Joseph Plaud knows that various ideas and philosophies of behaviorism have clouded the base principles, and he therefore wants to be engaged in discourse as to the accurate dissemination of this kind of information. He was actively involved in the training of clinical and experimental psychology graduate students in their Ph.D. programs, as well as pursuing his teaching and research activities in psychology. These activities included researching topics of behavior analysis, behavior modification and therapy, and behavioral assessment.

Joseph Plaud has become an authority on sexual offenders, and as the Director of Applied Behavioral Consultants, LLC, his expert testimony is regularly sought out. “My professional business involves tough court cases, many involving sexual offenders,” he says. He also prepares sexual offenders to return to the community. But Joseph Plaud’s work is not narrowly focused on aberrant behavior. “I have clinical and research interests in the application of behavioral principles to everyday life, as well as abnormal behavior,” he says.

About: Joseph Plaud is a supporter of many Boston-area cultural institutions, including the venerable Boston Symphony Orchestra. The BSO was established in 1881, and is considered one of the five most important symphony orchestras in the United States.