Andrew McManus, Professional Music Promoter, Shares Helpful Advice for Promoting Your Next Big Event

Andrew McManus understands and has achieved much success in the field of event promotion.

Online PR News – 26-July-2014 – Auckland, New Zealand – Andrew McManus is an established success in the event promotion business, having been responsible for bringing numerous high-profile acts to venues throughout both Australia and New Zealand. As the owner of both the Raggamuffin Music Festival and McManus Entertainment, he understands how to create the most successful and profitable event possible, serving the needs not only of the talent and companies involved, but also the people eager to undergo a positive, memorable and lasting experience.

An accomplished event promoter and skilled business professional, Andrew McManus knows how secure the audience and sales needed to create and carry through the most successful event possible. As an experienced event promoter, he hopes to share some of the wisdom and knowledge he’s gained over his career, providing several basic fundamentals of modern event promotion with anyone seeking to create a better, more fruitful experience for everyone.

Promotional Materials

It’s important, says Andrew McManus, to make a powerful first impression on your desired audience, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the development of eye-catching promotional materials. Seek out the best in material design and photography, people with a proven aptitude for creating the most striking and powerful visuals possible. Work to develop logos and graphics that have mass appeal, and to create an association with your event’s brand that will stick with your audience for a long time.

Develop Partnerships

Building professional relationships with members of the business community, says Andrew McManus, can really work to your advantage during the event promotion process. Tap into your professional network, and actively seek out organizations and people that not only have a considerable public influence, but that also have something to gain by throwing their sponsorship behind your event. This helps to create word-of-mouth marketing, says Andrew McManus, which can become your most powerful ally and one of the best ways to market your event throughout the community.

Work With the Media

Construct a news and/or press release, says Andrew McManus, that really grabs the attention of media outlets, and work to develop professional and long-standing relationships with both media organizations and professionals who can help convey your next happening to a broader audience. Work to effectively explain the value of your event, not only to those involved, but also to the media organizations that can benefit from the affiliation. Be positive and forthright with the media, and always work to maintain good terms with local and national news organizations.

Use Social Media

It’s no longer an option to ignore the potential of social media promotion, says Andrew McManus, who has successfully used Facebook for years to build awareness and popularity of the Raggamuffin Music Festival, which has recently relocated to Auckland, New Zealand and is in its eighth year. Most people nowadays, like it or not, have some sort of social media profile, and count on social media sites for news and information. Be sure, says Andrew McManus, to develop an eye-catching and effective social media strategy, one that keeps your audience aware of your event.

About: Andrew McManus is skilled, experienced and accomplished in music event promotion.