Pinarello Dogma F8 from China Now Offers Discounted Dogma XM Dual Suspension MTB

Pinarello Dogma F8 is now offering Dogma Dual Suspension MTB at discounted pricing.

Online PR News – 27-July-2014 – China – US - Cycling industry is the world of innovations and advancement. Every now and then companies keep rolling out better features and equipments in their offerings. Recently Pinarello Dogma F8 from China reduced the price of its flagship Dogma XM Dual Suspension MTB, which is also a part of the recent road cycling program started by the company. The XM fork is a Fox Factory that has 32 to 90mm of travel.

The carbon grade used in the new Dogma XM is same as the one used in Dogma 65.1. The carbon grade is exclusive to Pinarello Cicli and no other company has the same grade in all of cycling industry. The advanced and unique feature of Dogma XM is rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric system. It is flat on firm surfaces and easily dampens on uneven surfaces.

Talking about the bushings specifications the owner at the company said, “Most frames on the market today have about 6 points of rotation with bushings. This almost always takes place near the wheel or the bottom bracket. The sixth rotation point is always active, regardless of terrain, and therefore results in an inevitable weak point, a heavy point since there are bushings and screws, a point which requires constant maintenance and cleaning. All this no longer exists in Dogma XM, we have eliminated the weak point!”

Throwing light on latest technologies used, the media person of the company said, “The cutting edge technology for this suspension setup is derived directly from the rocker arms of Formula One car. These special materials and a particular lay up of carbon that allows a precise and controlled flexion able to rotate our rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric with extraordinary and infinite precision.”

The company is also offering Specialized Venge 2015 and businesses looking for the component can log on to the website and know more.

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