Sentigem Announces New Pricing Structure For The Sentiment Analysis API Service

Sentigem is a very popular sentiment analysis platform. The company has announced new pricing structure, which will come into effect from 14 July 2014.

Online PR News – 25-July-2014 – England – London, England – Sentigem has announced a new pricing structure for the Sentiment Analysis API service in one of the recent official communications to the

customers. As per the latest communication from the company, the new pricing structure will come to immediate effect from Monday, 14th July 2014 (UTC).
Sentigem is a user-friendly sentiment analysis tool for reviewing documents and text blocks to understand and compute user sentiment. Currently, Sentigem supports

only the English language. Translation into English is required for non-English based text before using the Sentigem platform.

Sentigem sees that the new pricing structure is imperative to help the company focus better on delivering outstanding services to the increasing client-base. Sentigem

is one of the fastest growing opinion mining services on the web today.

The official communication indicates that customers that are using the Sentigem Analysis Platform are requested to make an initial payment before 14 July to ensure

continuity of service.

Sentigem has also announced a special enhancement to the Sentiment Analysis API in the same official communication. The new API end-point is named

‘Get-Balance.’ With the enhancement feature, users will be able to programmatically check the real-time account balance.
Furthermore, Sentigem has introduced a new field to the Get-Sentiment response feature called, “Cost”. The new field will give the actual value for which the users will

be billed for the API after the new pricing structure comes into effect.

Sentigem is one of the most powerful and the fastest sentiment analysis platforms available in the industry today. The tool can analyze huge chunks of text containing

tens of thousands of characters in just fraction of a second.

Sentiment analysis tools are becoming increasingly popular in opinion mining. The tool can analyze human feelings including emotions, attitudes, opinions, etc., that

are expressed by the users through words. The report generated by the sentiment analysis tool is considered a vital piece of information by the marketers as it enables

the marketing experts to assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns launched and if required to restructure the marketing strategies. The sentiment analysis

API paradigm tries to go beyond likes and shares common to social media sites.

The Sentigem Sentigem Analysis API is currently in the BETA stage, which allows the users to test the features that are currently under the development phase.
Some common use-cases for sentiment analysis tools include price predictions in the financial markets, reputation management, product marketing, purchase planning

and entity polling.

About Sentigem

Sentigem is one of the most popular Sentiment Analysis Platforms and the company continues to experience very fast growth. The company has gained the trust and

confidence of its customers by offering highly dependable sentiment analysis API services with a satisfyingly high degree of accuracy.

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