Montie Design Launches CFD Analysis Service Featuring CFdesign Software

Becomes Only Research Triangle-Based Design Firm with In-House CFD Ability

Online PR News – 31-July-2010 – – (Morrisville, N.C.) Collaborative product design and development firm Montie Design is proud to announce the launch of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis service utilizing industry-leading design simulation software from Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc.

Newly integrated CFdesign Software will enable Montie Design to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with manufactured surfaces, assisting in product design for clients in the medical device, industrial machinery, electronics, automotive and consumer product market sectors.

“This cutting-edge software makes us the only local Research Triangle-based design firm capable of doing this level of CFD analysis in-house,” Montie Roland, president of Montie Design, said. According to Roland, his firm’s implementation of the software will result in time savings for clients, as projects will not need to be outsourced to reliably simulate the design, placement and performance of critical components such as power supplies, fans, pumps and hydraulics.

“The investment in bringing this service under our roof is a result of taking a client-centric approach toward implementing concepts like purposeful wondering, making a product’s current features more valuable by considering a wide variety of options,” he said.

Used in product design across a broad spectrum of industries, CFdesign Software reduces the need for prototyping while uncovering performance issues sometimes overlooked during product testing. Its thermal and flow simulation abilities helps firms like Montie Design save their clients time and money bringing a product to market by achieving optimal design at an early stage in the development pipeline.

“CFdesign enables engineers to create and compare multiple designs and scenarios to make important ‘what if’ design decisions early in the development process where the value of true upfront computational fluid dynamic software is greatest,” said Paul Whalen, Marketing Manager, Blue Ridge Numerics.

“Today’s volatile business environment demands that new product-centric companies have engineering software tools that lead them to a distinct competitive advantage and innovative products. Montie Design will be adding a powerful tool to their arsenal with CFdesign,” he added.

Expanding its service offerings into the CFD space is the latest in a series of steps taken by the Montie Design team in bringing a unique third-party perspective and experience of other industries into consideration of their clients’ product concepts. The firm recently expanded into a larger facility in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, adding 1,400 square feet to its offices and production lab.

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About CFdesign
Using CFdesign engineers are able to make insightful design decisions based on fluid flow and heat transfer simulations while continuing to work in their CAD environment. The simulations begin from within the CAD package using the design study manager, and the native model along with its associative information is opened within the CFdesign design study environment. The unique multi-scenario design study environment in CFdesign 2010 allows engineers to view multiple designs at one time and visually compare the different results. CFdesign enables engineers to obtain accurate simulation results early in the development process where the value of true upfront computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software is greatest.

About Blue Ridge Numerics
Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc. is the fastest-growing CFD software company in the world and consistently ranked among the fastest-growing technology companies in North America. The company's CFdesign upfront CFD software integrates comprehensive fluid-flow and heat-transfer simulation into early phases of design and engineering, when companies can dramatically improve product quality, time-to-market, and ultimately profitability through the product life cycle. Connect with design engineering colleagues at:

About Montie Design
Montie Design is a collaborative product design and development firm with core competencies in industrial design, mechanical design and fuzzy front end services. Implementing a client-centric approach in taking products from concept to marketplace, Montie Design balances vision with usability in realizing products that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust. The firm operates out of the Research Triangle region of North Carolina with access to industry-leading technology, resources and innovative thought. For more information, visit