Media Freeware Launches Handwriting Font

Lets users give a personal touch to their text

Online PR News – 25-July-2014 – . – Media Freeware recently unveiled its Handwriting Font so that users can give their writing that personal touch when required.

There are times when one has to write long emails or texts in the form of newsletters etc, to reach out to the larger audience. But what often happens is that due to the monotony of the typographic text, readers tend to get bored. As a result they lose interest and the text doesn’t have the desired impact on them.

Handwriting Font can be used cleverly to break that monotony and ensure that readers aren’t bored at any point. Importantly it can be used to highlight certain parts of the text that one wants to have a special resonance with the readers. If there is a part of the content that users want to reach out to the audience instantly, then they can do that by using this font.

Quite simply, this font uses one’s handwriting and converts it into a font that can be used whenever needed. There are many users who have worked with this font for their personal correspondence to ensure that their letters have that special touch. The font can also be used by business owners when they want to reach out to their customers or want to have an impact on their clients for that matter.

The good thing about using this app is that it is completely free of cost. Hence users can download it without worrying about any charges involved. They can try it out for their own requirements and see if it works for them. The app is said to be quite efficient and ends up saving time for users too.

About Handwriting Font

It is an app that converts users’ writing into an app to give their text and messages a distinctive touch.

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