PROCOAT Systems Offers An Economical Spray Applied Coating Option for Suspended Ceiling Tiles

This press release informs the readers that PROCOAT Systems offers an economical spray applied coating option for suspended ceiling tiles.

Online PR News – 25-July-2014 – Perth / WA – PROCOAT Systems in a leading company based in Perth that specializes in renovating ceilings. Its other offices are in Sydney, NSW; Brisbane, QLD; New Zealand, Melbourne, VIC; and Adelaide, SA. Their specific collection of spray applied coatings offer a long lasting and cost effective option to replacing stained, mismatched, and aged suspended ceiling systems, fixed joinery, and high-quality wall systems, across an assortment of commercial settings. The company has 30 years of experience of successful installation across the globe.

To increase cost savings and reduce disruption, the company has developed their onsite “in situ” spray technique by combining over 30 years of masking, coating, and cleaning technologies. Their products are water based, thus, they produce no odors, VOC’s and toxic chemicals after coating. Their system is perfect for occupied spaces, for instance, healthcare, retail shops, schools, community and commercial buildings.

PROCOAT Systems is an eco friendly product, and is the best alternative for suspended ceiling tiles. The additional brightness produced by a PROCOAT ceiling will assist customers decrease their interior lighting needs by 11%. The method used by this company has been tried and tested commercially. It also provides a 12 year product warranty to its clients. PROCOAT Systems ceiling meets all the standards of fire safety codes. It is a Class A fire retardant, and contains unique properties. These features make it a fire resistant product, which also help to reduce smoke toxicity levels.

About PROCOAT Systems

PROCOAT Systems is a company which provides extensive range of methods for restoration of ceilings, floors, walls and joinery in a cost effective way. They possess 30 years of experience in this field, and have worked with many industries including retail, schools, healthcare, commercial and community buildings. For more information about PROCOAT Systems, visit