Learn to configure your servers and virtual hosts with Packt's new Nginx book

Nginx HTTP Server is a new book from Packt that will help readers to get started with Nginx and also adopt it for their web applications.

Online PR News – 31-July-2010 – – Written by Clement Nedelcu, this book will enable readers to configure their servers and virtual hosts efficiently as well as set up Nginx to work with PHP and other applications via FastCGI. Furthermore, they will be able to explore possible interactions between Nginx and Apache.

Nginx is a lightweight, high-performance Web server/reverse proxy, which runs on UNIX, GNU/Linux, BSD variants, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows. This free open-source solution is designed for high-traffic websites, with network scalability as a primary objective, and either serves as full replacement of other software or improves the overall speed of the existing infrastructure.

Nginx HTTP Server serves as a detailed guide to setting up Nginx in different production situations and takes administrators through the complete process of configuring its various modules in a secure way. This is a perfect guide for both Nginx beginners and experienced administrators, which provides different angles of approach that can help administrators make the most of their current infrastructure and boost the speed of all their web applications.

Using this book, readers will be able to download and build Nginx from source along with its dependencies. In addition to this, they will learn the basics of Nginx configuration, process of replacing Apache by Nginx and troubleshooting. Users will also be able to configure Nginx to work as frontend for their existing HTTP server and establish advanced rewrite rules with the Nginx Rewrite module.

With detailed instructions, this step-by-step tutorial is ideal for web administrators, who are interested in solutions to optimize their infrastructure, either by replacing existing web server software or integrating a new tool cooperating with applications already up and running. The book is out and available from Packt. To read more about the book, please visit: http://www.packtpub.com/nginx-http-server-for-web-applications/book