Kylee Sleep Offers Ways to Improve Your Sales Team's Effectiveness

Accomplished sales professional Kylee Sleep provides several useful tips on how to build and maintain a more successful sales force.

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – Ontario, Canada – Successful University of Manitoba graduate and experienced sales professional Kylee Sleep understands what is needed to build stronger customer loyalty while improving your sales team’s ability to reach and establish stronger company-to-client relationships. For years, Kylee Sleep achieved success as a member of a Caribbean-based hospitality firm, improving brand awareness while effectively conveying the company’s many service benefits to multiple tourists, vacationers and potential customers.

Below, Kylee Sleep offers several ways you can increase your team’s performance and reach, employing simple yet effective methods that will empower your sales staff with the knowledge, tools and ideas needed to create better and longer-lasting relationships with every customer.

Make Your Mission Clear

Be sure, says Kylee Sleep, to clarify your company’s mission statement right off the bat. Is your company seeking to provide the best service in the industry, to become the number one provider of a service, to empower people with more useful information? Making your mission simple and understood gives your employees a strong foundation on which to build throughout their employment.

Set Specific Goals

What are the specific sales goals you would like your team to strive for? Determine your expectations of each employee, says Kylee Sleep, whether they be monthly sales goals, annual production goals, call volume, etc. By clearly defining specific objectives, she says, you are able to more accurately convey your expectations, giving your team something tangible to shoot for down the road.

Emphasize Listening

Make sure your sales team understands how vital it is to listen to the customer before making the pitch. Customers don’t want to be pressured into buying something, says Kylee Sleep, they want the personal attention and focus that can only truly come from the act of listening to their needs. Emphasize the need to not only listen to the customer, but to also direct them towards the company products or services that best address those specific needs.


A positive and upbeat sales environment is a key component of any successful sales staff. Encourage your staff to be positive, to take an optimistic and can-do approach to their work. Negativity, says Kylee Sleep, is usually pretty obvious to a potential customer, and does nothing to encourage them to engage a salesperson or to further pursue a purchase. Attitude is everything, says Kylee Sleep, and can be a highly attractive quality as well as a great way to encourage repeat business.
Address Weaknesses Promptly

If you see a salesperson struggling to meet goals, or to work as the member of a team, perhaps it’s time to address that problem head on. Failure to adequately address a salesperson’s weaknesses in a timely fashion, says Kylee Sleep, only serves to enhance and worsen the problem. Remember, she says, that weaknesses are often times invaluable opportunities to create strengths. Do your best to both identify and correct flaws or problems in a salesperson’s approach before they have an opportunity to get worse and potentially harm your company’s reputation.

Kylee Sleep wants your sales team to have the best opportunities to succeed, and strives to provide advice based on years of experience and proven success.

About: Kylee Sleep is an educated and experienced sales professional.