Eslam Ayoub, a Successful Midlothian Businessman, Recognized as Outstanding University of Texas Alum

After owning a successful civil engineering firm for almost ten years, University of Texas at Austin alum still has a promising future.

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – Midlothian, TX – After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Eslam Ayoub moved to Midlothian, TX and started his own civil engineering firm. Almost ten years later, Eslam Ayoub and his business continue to lead in the civil engineering industry in offering innovative technology and designs.

Eslam Ayoub began distinguishing himself shortly after completely his degree in Austin. When he moved to Midlothian, his industry did not show signs to support a successful business investment. Eslam Ayoub commented, “It was terrifying to launch my business and have no idea whether I was headed for success. Luckily, people appreciated my efforts, and we’ve managed to survive this long,“ he says with a laugh.

Ten years later

After building a stable business model, Eslam Ayoub began making efforts to better his local community. From toy drives to park clean-up, Eslam Ayoub took important steps towards improving his community.

In addition to local contributions, Eslam Ayoub took his civil engineering skills global with Engineering With Borders. With this organization, Eslam Ayoub helped rural areas worldwide obtain necessities like clean water, sanitation, and civil works. Eslam Ayoub also worked to complete several bridge projects throughout South America and Africa.

One of this University of Texas alum’s most significant works is the Fontan suspension bridge in Uruguay. Eslam Ayoub claims this is one of his most complex projects to date. The Fontan Bridge is recognized by many as one of the most impressive bridges in the world. Eslam Ayoub practices attention to detail and commitment to challenging tasks to bring these types of feats to completion.

All throughout the time Eslam Ayoub spent with Engineering Without Borders, he was able to maintain his business. In fact, his business flourished even in his absence. After returning from his five years with the charitable organization, Eslam Ayoub continued to invest his time and money into local volunteer programs.

As a representative of the University of Texas at Austin, Eslam Ayoub sets a good example for young students about what a person can achieve with enough dedication and determination. Eslam Ayoub gives credit to the University of Texas for equipping him with the right skills to build a successful career. “Ten years later,” Eslam Ayoub says, “I know I wouldn’t have done half as many great things without my education. My professors helped me understand my industry and helped me gain the skills I needed to be successful. I’m forever grateful.”

Eslam Ayoub appreciates other things about his alma mater. He still enjoys a Longhorns game now and then. Eslam Ayoub also likes to stroll around campus and reminisce on his days as a student. The University of Texas promises to maintain a standard of excellence so other students can have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Eslam Ayoub.

About: Eslam Ayoub seems to make a difference everywhere he goes. From Austin to Midlothian to South America and Africa, he works hard to give communities reliable infrastructure. His endeavors have yielded many positive outcomes worldwide. When asked what he hopes to see ten years further down the road, Eslam Ayoub says he plans to stay committed to bettering his community wherever he is in the world.