Business Management Expert Gary Kapanowski Joins Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Gary Kapanowski, a business management and finance expert, has recently taken a position with Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – Wixom, Michigan – Gary Kapanowski, a business management and finance expert, earned his undergraduate degree from University of Michigan and his graduate degree from Michigan State University. Additionally, he has training and certificates in Lean Six Sigma, a business process that works to grow customer satisfaction, reduce waste, and grow profits. Building off of his educational foundation, Gary Kapanowski also has a variety of work experiences ranging from the defense industry to teaching that have fostered his status as a leading business manager. Not only has he had business success, but his many prestigious awards and teaching position at Lawrence Technical University illustrate the impact Gary Kapanowski’s business approach has had in the Michigan area.

Now, Gary Kapanowski is bringing this set of expertise to Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. is located in Wixom, Michigan and specializes in gas turbine aircraft engines and power generators manufacturing. Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. focuses in precision machine parts and has a satellite facility in Harbor Springs, Michigan. The company not only produces parts for aviation industries, it also works directly with customers to design the ideal set of parts for their needs.

Established in 1953, Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a wide range of influence. Moeller products are used in commercial and military aircrafts all over the world. Gary Kapanowski is excited to work with such an influential company and has high hopes for his ability to positively impact the company. Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. sees Gary Kapanowski as an invaluable asset to the company’s business management process and was excited to welcome him into their company family.

One of the many reasons that Gary Kapanowski is excited to work with Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the location. As a Michigan native, Gary Kapanowski has developed a strong sense of community in the area, and is dedicated to serving the state that he grew up in. Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. shares those same values, and they have worked with community members for over 60 years. The position at Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. was a perfect fit for Gary Kapanowski because it allows him to stay close to home and continue to grow his own work experience and areas of expertise.

Gary Kapanowski believes that Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. made the right decision in hiring him onto their team. He stated, “I think that it is going to be a mutually beneficial relationship, my personal business philosophy and the company’s are definitely compatible.” Gary Kapanowski is hoping to bring his expertise in Lean Six Sigma and computer science knowledge to the company to continue to improve their business practices.

One of the components of Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. that Gary Kapanowski finds particularly exciting is their use of state-of-the-art Solidworks CAD/CAM system, which allows engineers to move from design concept to production more efficiently. Additionally, the company has implemented a fully integrated HP/Symix MRP system for manufacturing and accounting management. These state-of-the-art technologies are embodiments of the Lean Six Sigma system that Gary Kapanowski promotes. Gary Kapanowski hopes to continue to work with Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc. to develop even more ways of streamlining manufacturing, reducing waste, and increasing customer satisfaction.

About: Gary Kapanowski is an expert in business management and finance certified in Lean Six Sigma. He brings energy and passion to his wide variety of professional endeavors.