Jonathan Giannone Creates Fitness Workshop to Get Citizens Motivated About Getting Healthy

Jonathan Giannone, founder of the blog Doing it the Right Way blog, has created a fitness workshop called: "Learn, Move, Grow!"

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – New Orleans, Louisiana – Jonathan Giannone has recently announced that he will be holding his first-fitness workshop, to help get people motivated and inspired to live healthier lifestyles. Jonathan Giannone is no stranger to living a healthy lifestyle. In 2011, he decided that he was going to change his life for good. He created a blog called Doing it the Right Way. On that blog, he would post weekly blogs about his journey and progress. After four years of blogging, losing 200 lbs, and becoming a cyber health and fitness inspiration, Jonathan Giannone is taking his new healthy life to Louisiana.

Born and Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jonathan Giannone couldn't think of a better place to start his first-fitness workshop, "Learn, Move, and Grow!" During this free workshop, participants are given a schedule that displays different lecture classes, work out classes, and question and answer sessions with a variety of fitness coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and health specialists.

Learn Move Grow

In the lecture classes, participants can take classes that will educate them on the growing rates of obesity, heart disease, and many other health issues that are growing in America, and solutions to how they can be fixed.

Jonathan Giannone promises that the workout classes offered during "Learn, Move, Grow," will be fun classes that will make every sweat. Zumba, Pilates, circuit training, and Tabata classes will be available all during the workshop at a variety of different times.

The question and answer sessions will allow participants to ask those who taught the lessons as many questions as they please based on the topic of each session. Jonathan Giannone will also have a session of his own for those who have any questions about his weight loss journey.

Donations will be taken at this event, but they are not mandatory. Healthy food options will also be available and sold by different vendors all throughout the event. For the first 100 people to arrive in the lounge during lunch, Subway will be providing free sandwiches and water. Jonathan Giannone encourages all individuals who are interested to come to the workshop. "Learn, Move, Grow!" is an event that Jonathan Giannone hopes will become a yearly thing in New Orleans and that can eventually spread to other cities and states. Until then, Jonathan just wants to focus on making this first one a success. The "Learn, Move, Grow" workshop, created by Jonathan Giannone, will be one to remember, as it encourages a city to strive for a healthy and productive way of living.

About: Jonathan Giannone is a 26 year old virtual weight loss sensation. He started a blog in 2011 that documented his 200-lb weight loss journey. Jonathan Giannone showed hundreds of people that eating healthy and exercise is the true key to gaining ultimate health.