Brian Joros Leads Team to Championship

Coach Brian Joros took over the Royal Palm Beach baseball team and led them to a district championship

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – West Palm Beach, FL – Brian Joros took over the struggling Royal Palm Beach High School baseball team in its 2011, and he was determined to make them a winner.

Brian Joros had already built a winning baseball program at West Boca Raton High School, and was certain that he could do the same for Royal Palm Beach. But turning a program around is not the kind of thing that happens overnight.

"It was a rough year," Brian Joros said of his first season at Royal Palm Beach. "We had to change the culture."

We had to change the culture.

And he did. The change seemed to really take effect near the end of that first rough year, when the Wildcats upset Brian Joros' old team, Boca Raton, in the first round of the district playoffs. The following year, the Wildcats got off to a great start, led by a dominating right-handed pitcher who got off to a 6-0 start and an astonishing 0.00 earned run average.

Brian Joros is a former pitcher himself, so his eye for pitching talent is very sharp. As a left-hander with the Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten, Brian Joros pitched for three years, and twice led the team in strikeouts per nine innings.

"He was a little too emotional last year, where an error would upset him," Brian Joros said of his Royal Palm Beach star pitcher. "But nothing rattles him anymore."

Brian Joros has always had an outstanding eye for baseball talent, and his Royal Palm Beach pitcher is not the first skilled player he has recognized. Brian Joros was tremendously impressed by a young outfielder named Chase Greene. "Chase has breathtaking speed," he observed. And in a game where speed is one of a player's the most important weapons, Chase Greene really stood out. "He is one of the fastest players I've ever seen at any level." Brian Joros went on to say that the only high school player with similar speed was Lastings Milledge, who played his high school baseball in Bradenton, Florida, and went on to become a Major League Baseball player with the New York Mets, the Washington Nationals, and other teams.

In the considered opinion of Brian Joros, Chase Greene had a lot of potential because he was so dedicated. "Chase has tremendous focus and a burning desire to get better," Brian Joros said. "He is already a professional in terms of approach to the game. Some kids want to be doctors, some kids want to be accountants. Chase wants to be a major league baseball player and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality."

The judgment of Brian Joros proved to be right on target. Chase Greene was selected by the New York Mets in the seventh round of the 2009 Major League Baseball draft.

As for the Royal Palm Beach Wildcats, Brian Joros led them to their first-ever district championship and the regional playoff tournament in the 2012 season. Brian Joros is a member of the Florida Coaches Association and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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