Braemar Capital to launch Credit Strategies Fund

Braemar Capital today announced they plan to launch the Credit Strategies Fund.

Online PR News – 24-July-2014 – HONG KONG – Braemar Capital’s new fund will seek to capitalize on compelling investment opportunities in today’s markets by allocating capital across various corporate asset classes. The investment objective of the Fund is to seek a total return comprised of income and capital appreciation.

Braemar Capital ‘s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Vincent Yeung said: “Given the weak economic landscape and expectations for a relatively long period of muted economic activity, we believe it is prudent for investors to allocate capital to corporate credit investments that benefit from capital structure seniority, as well as current income. In this volatile environment, we believe active management and a flexible mandate should enable us to achieve strong risk adjusted returns, benefitting from the current high credit spread environment which is expertly researched by our analysts here at Braemar Capital”.

Braemar Capital’s key advantage of the Credit Strategies Fund is its “unconstrained” investment approach. Rather than managing the Fund against a traditional fixed income benchmark, the portfolio management team will dynamically allocate capital to the most attractive segments of corporate credit, including investment grade and high yield and bonds. In today’s volatile market, asset selection is extremely critical and the Fund’s mandate provides investors with an actively managed approach to capitalize on current opportunities available at Braemar Capital.

Braemar Capital’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Raymond Massey said: “Our goal is to help investors capitalize on current and future outstanding opportunities. In this turbulent market and in the credit cycles to come, the Credit Strategies Fund can serve as a discerning eye for investors seeking attractive income and capital appreciation potential through a carefully selected spectrum of corporate credit securities.”

Braemar Capital is an independent global wealth management company with a focus on the emerging and developing markets of the Asia Pacific. Based in Hong Kong, with strong links to Asia’s developing markets and a hub for East-West commerce, Braemar Capital has been providing investment advice, products and services to the discerning private investor for close to 30 years.

Braemar Capital was established in 1984 by Desmond Alexander and James Liu in a small office in Braemar Hills, Hong Kong, as Braemar Hills Capital Partners, with the aim of offering clients access to the rapidly growing markets of the Asia-Pacific. Our founders placed great weight on tapping into sectors which have the potential to dominate markets in the near future, encouraged by a growth in consumer demand in the developing economies in the Asia-Pacific.

Over the past 30 years, the company has expanded to become one of the leading investment firms in the region, expanding to offices in Taipei in 1999. In 2005 following the retirement of co- founder James Liu, the company simplified our name to Braemar Capital to reflect the name we had become commonly known by in Hong Kong. In 2008 we opened our Shanghai Office, followed by our Seoul Office in 2010, providing research and access to markets across the Asia Pacific region.