PFM Trading Celebrates 10th Year of Operations

PFM Trading says that, in celebration of its 10th year of operation, it is to waive management fees for discretionary clients for a period of 3 months.

Online PR News – 24-July-2014 – Shenzhen, China – PFM Trading, Inc.,, is to mark its 10th year of operations by waiving management fees for its discretionary clients for a period of 3 months as “a way of saying thank you”.

The China-based broker-dealer and investment house said it wanted to remind private clients that despite its concerted push to develop a larger footprint in the growing technology and e-commerce IPO market in the Asia Pacific region, it remained as committed as ever to furthering its clients’ interests.

Edward Gold, vice-president at PFM Trading said, “We’ve made no secret of our ambitions with regard to the development of the IPO-related private placement side of our business - it will be incredibly lucrative for us – but private individual client services is what our reputation’s been built upon so we feel it’s only fitting that we reward the trust our clients continue to place in us.”

Warren Odey, the company’s Chief Executive Officer said, “This is a particularly poignant moment for me because, since establishing PFM Trading all those years ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch what was a small, boutique investment practice develop into one of the fastest-growing and most highly-respected in Asia. From such humble beginnings to now vying for a position as one of the most innovative and committed Asian broker dealers; from a fledgling practice with just 6 analysts and 8 account managers to securing a Wall Street luminary of Edward Gold’s stature. It’s a towering achievement and we want to thank our private individual clients for their continuing and unflinching support.”

About PFM Trading, Inc.:
PFM Trading, Inc. is an independent investment and wealth management practice based in China, and staffed by consummate professionals with a verifiable track record of success in the global financial markets. As at 1 January 2013, PFM Trading managed over $3.5 billion of assets on behalf of esteemed clients around the world.

Here at PFM Trading, we enjoy an enviable reputation within the wealth management community. To others, the phrases “unique approach” and “due diligence” represent no more than marketing-speak but to us, they are a code: a code that is indelibly inscribed upon every part of our organization.