Nursery School in Jumeirah that Includes French Language in their Curriculum

Little house nursery is proud to be associated with the French Ministry of Education.

Online PR News – 24-July-2014 – Dubai – Little house nursery is proud to be associated with the French Ministry of Education to introduce the French program , a much appreciate move by students, parents and well-wishers.

The Little House nursery in Dubai is the preferred choice by many well meaning parents, who want nothing but the best in terms of education for their little geniuses. The school follows the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. The learning method is more structured and helps teachers to set clear boundaries and respond to each child's needs. This EYFS method is also praised and appreciated by many parents as a effective and involving curriculum.

The highly trained staff are ever present and ready to not only teach but also guide and develop the skills of the children. The staff also meet with the parent s of the kids nursery in Dubai on a regular basis to discuss each child's assessment, which is carried out regularly by the best nursery in Dubai. This helps both parents and teachers identify any learning difficulties that the child is facing, and how to deal with it.

The latest addition to the nursery is the introduction of the French language program. The French program gives children the opportunity to learn a foreign language at a early age but also to pursue learning the language in the future. Many parents are amazed at the idea and thrilled that the children are exposed to learning a foreign language such as French at the nursery school in Jumeirah.

"We are happy and proud that the children are given this opportunity. I am a Australian living in Dubai and am so happy that my son has the exposure to learn French, a widely used foreign language. . " said a parent.

The French language program is first introduced to the child by using activities such as developing memory and creativity, reasoning, imagination, and attentiveness at the initial stage. Thereafter, more advanced tasks are introduced for better comprehension and use of the language. Children are given the opportunity to build their understanding of French through observation, experimentation and active exploration, which is all facilitated at the nursery by experienced staff members.

The French program for the nursery children let them enjoy the learning pace, through fun activities and the staff feels that its best to make learning a new language a fun experience right from the word go. The program is based on a proper learning structure so that children can continue to learn French even after they leave nursery and move on to grade school.

The Little House Nursery in Dubai is grateful to the French Ministry of Education for their continued support to make the French program a success.

Parents interested in this unique and exceptional education curriculum can contact the Little House Nursery in Dubai for further information.

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