OnePipe Builds Network with Intelligent Routing from TransNexus

OSPrey has enabled OnePipe to pursue entrepreneurial projects, including CLECs and retail business.

Online PR News – 22-July-2014 – Atlanta, GA – Jed Stafford, President of OnePipe Telecom is a veteran of the VoIP industry and a highly successful entrepreneur. Since his early days managing network infrastructure for Microsoft, Stafford’s business sense and flair for innovation have kept him on the cutting edge of telephony. Stafford’s has built and sold several companies in his career. Each venture took advantage of a new trend in telecommunications technology. "It’s brutal, but that’s telecom, right?" says Stafford. "Obviously, there are stresses involved, but like anything in the high tech industry, you have to roll with it, or you’ll be left behind."

Stafford began OnePipe Telecom began in 2004 as a wholesale telecom service provider. At its peak, OnePipe was carrying up to twenty million calls per day. As margins in the wholesale business shrank across the industry, Stafford expanded One Pipe into more lucrative CLEC operations located Oregon, Florida and Washington state. Through his career, Stafford’s competitive advantage has been his nimble ability to build and manage complex technical operations quickly with minimal resources. According to Stafford, being a virtual company has been important to his success. He has a small team but highly capable team that can work from anywhere. In addition, it keeps his overhead low which he passes on to customers in lower prices.

Obviously there are stresses involved but like anything in the high tech industry you have to roll with it or you’ll be left behind.

Stafford continues to evolve his business. Today, OnePipe is focused on building out the retail side of its business. "The industry is changing," said Stafford, "and we need to stay ahead of our competition. Our wholesale network gives us a proven network for high capacity and excellent quality of service. We have the facilities in place to serve retail customers who demand high quality audio and video services."

The core of the network was, and still is, multiple OSPrey servers configured as SIP proxies for routing SIP traffic to other carriers and to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via Telco Bridges gateways.

Though OnePipe’s business has evolved over the years, there are a few constants that Stafford has relied on to keep quality and gross margin high. OSPrey routing servers from TransNexus have been at the heart of their network from the beginning. "In all of our projects at OnePipe, we’ve always relied on the core foundation of the infrastructure," said Stafford. That core has been TransNexus software coupled with multiple open source SIP proxies and Telco Bridges gateways for calls that interconnect with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The TransNexus OSPrey routing server is a feature rich, high performance routing and CDR collection server for VoIP networks. The OSPrey servers enable OnePipe to keep prices down and redundancy in place. It provides dynamic least cost and Quality of Service routing in addition to updating its local copy of the North American Number Portability database every 30 minutes. OSPrey also provides a layer of protection against fraud. According to Stafford, "If someone were to hack into a PBX and start dialing, OSPrey allows us to catch and stop the fraudulent activity. I can’t tell you how many people leave passwords as a default. It takes just days for them to be hacked. We use OSPrey to protect ourselves and our customers."

"We’ve been able to utilize OSPrey’s routing logic and high capacity in every project we’ve undertaken," said Stafford. "OSPrey has enabled us to pursue entrepreneurial projects, like our CLECs and retail business. The trunk of the tree is always the OSPrey system."

About TransNexus
TransNexus is a software development company specializing in applications for managing VoIP networks. Important features offered by TransNexus are dynamic least cost and quality of service routing, telecom fraud detection, SIP peering, number portability, profitability analysis and wholesale billing. TransNexus, founded in 1997, is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is a privately held Delaware C corporation.

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