Buena Vista Custom Homes' Leader Roger Pollock Announces Recent Partnership with Anvil and Art4orm

Buena Vista Custom head Roger Pollock partners With Two Firms to Re-Design Website (PAST)

Online PR News – 22-July-2014 – Lake Oswego, OR – Roger Pollock, while mostly being known as the founder of RMP Properties and Buena Vista Custom Homes, was once the largest Real Estate Developer in Oregon. He has developed many successful properties over the course of his career, most recently a series of resorts along Cerritos Beach in Baja, Mexico. Some being; Hacienda Cerritos, Cerritos Surf Colony, Mayan Village, Cerritos RV Park.

As a savvy businessman, Roger Pollock understands the importance of having and maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web, and so he and his company partnered with Anvil Media, Inc. and Art4orm, to help in the launch of the Buena Vista Custom Homes site.

We are excited about the work Anvil and Art4orm have done and we are proud of the finished product.

Roger Pollock says he turned to Anvil and Art4orm to make sure the re-design of the Buena Vista site is both search friendly and user friendly, while at the same time keeps the existing design and user experience of the earlier Buena Vista site. "We want to be a builder that is looked at nationally as one that is on the leading edge of technology," he said. "We are excited about the work Anvil and Art4orm have done, and we are proud of the finished product."

The partnership of Anvil Media, Art4orm, and Roger Pollock's Buena Vista Custom Homes has flourished through communication and flexibility. Art4orm was able to maintain the strategic design of the original site, in addition to coming up with creative solutions to complement the search engine optimization efforts put forth by Anvil.

The success of Buena Vista Custom Homes has enabled Roger Pollock to launch Profit Partners, a program in which local nonprofit organizations receive a profit share check for every home the company sells. As the relationship between Buena Vista Custom Homes, Anvil Media, and Art4orm continues, Anvil and Art4orm will work to provide a well designed and optimized Web site dedicated to advancing the Profit Partner program.

The donations by Profit Partners have made possible such programs as the Methamphetamine Awareness Project, the Parents Teaching Prevention Program, and a Suicide Hotline. Project coordinators say the programs would never have had the positive results they got without the consistent support of Buena Vista Custom Homes and Profit Partners. Roger Pollock is an outspoken advocate of substance abuse prevention and addiction recovery.

Both RMP Properties, and Buena Vista Custom Homes have had a great deal of success since established. In addition to Oregon developments, Roger Pollock now has developed a string of resorts in Baja, Mexico, including the Hacienda Cerritos, Cerritos Surf Colony, Cerritos Beach RV Park, and the Mayan Village Resort. The crown jewel of these resorts is the Hacienda Cerritos, a luxury, boutique resort located near the town of Todos Santos.

Roger Pollock is an entrepreneur with many successes under his belt. One of his earliest enterprises was a company selling ads for college textbook covers, which he began right out of high school. Today he is the owner of Buena Vista Custom Homes, the largest home construction company in Oregon. Roger Pollock started Profit Partners as a means of giving back to the community. Profit Partners shares the profits of Buena Vista Custom Homes with designated nonprofit organizations. Roger Pollock says, “Passion…we all have it. Find yours and do something with it.”

About: Roger Pollock is an entrepreneur, real estate developer and charitable contributor.