Walker Tree Service Boulder Colorado Launches New Web Site

Walker Tree Service Boulder, Colorado has launched a new web site making it easier for our customers to find us and learn about our Boulder tree care services.

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – CO – Walker Tree Service Boulder, Colorado is proud to announce the launch or our new web site. We have been providing affordable tree service to Boulder, Louisville, Colorado and surround areas for 14 years with a reputation for quality and reasonably priced work.

Our new web site allows our customers to learn more about our services. With information on:

Tree removal:We will take down the tree, disassemble with your input for mulch or firewood, and remove its remnants from your property.

Tree pruning:Pruning is one of our specialties. We emphasize reducing tip weight to reduce leverage and prevent storm damage as much as possible.

Stump grinding and removal:Removing an unsightly stump will enhance the look of your property. Whether planting new grass or a new tree in its place, getting back the look of fresh life in place of decay is sure to be an improvement.

Tree preservation: At Walker we understand the value of an individual tree, and we strive to achieve a state of maximum tree health.

Tree planning:Walker Tree Care will work with you to craft a long term plan for the health of your arboretum.

Emerald ash borer treatment:The treatment for Emerald Ash Borer involves systemic chemical application. This treatment can be applied in several forms including injections to the soil or directly into the base of the tree, and chemical spraying covering the bark of the branches and trunk of the tree.

Subsurface fertilizing and watering:Subsurface fertilizing delivers nutrients into the soil where roots can take them up and incorporate them into the plant structures.Subsurface watering can be very important in maintaining a tree’s health, particularly during the winter months when sprinkler systems are turned off and the cold, dry, windy Colorado winters suck the moisture out of the soil and the trees.

In addition to information about our Boulder tree company we have provided valuable information on local pests and diseases that may threaten your trees. Some threats you may want to know about for your tree health include: Gypsy Moth, Elm Leaf Beetle, Tent Caterpillar, Leaf Miners, Spruce Budworm, Sawflies and Fire Blight. Walker Tree Care has a plant healthcare department that is trained and equipped to deal with infestation and prevention of these pests so your trees can live a healthy life.

Hiring a ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) is extremely important for guaranteeing the quality of work. We have our certifications displayed right on the web site along with our certification number so you can verify our qualifications.

We also have a collection of testimonials for satisfied customers here locally in Louisville, and Boulder, Colorado. Learn what these long term and customers or Walker Tree Care have to say about our professionalism, prices, care and quality of our work.

Please visit our new website www.walkertreeboulder.com or call Walker Tree Care at (720) 480-0398 to learn more about us and see if you can help with your Boulder tree service needs.