Earning Serendipity - Makes Opportunity Matter

Opportunity Expert & Author Glenn Llopis Introduces a Unique Solution that Converts Bad News into Good Fortune

Online PR News – 18-March-2009 – – Irvine, CA March 17, 2009 -- After years in the making, Author Glenn Llopis -- widely known as 'the opportunity expert' -- today officially launches the 'Serendipiter's Wanted' campaign, coinciding with the release of his highly anticipated new book, Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, published by Greenleaf Book Group Press and due in stores May 2009 (http://www.EarningSerendipity.com).

Much like luck is to the Irish, Llopis introduces the term Serendipiters - that is synonymous with social entrepreneurship. Serendipiters are "socially conscious individuals or organizations, which inspire innovation and initiative and thus propel good fortune for themselves and their communities." As consumers are faced with the uncertainties of today's economic woes, Llopis believes that a world of Serendipiters is a world where innovation and opportunity are purposeful, persistent and sure. Llopis states, "My ultimate desire is to create an initial global community of 5 million Serendipiters that encourage the need for accountability, for personal responsibility, and to excite and mentor others to do the same."

In spite of a pervasive cultural cynicism -- Llopis' ideas are infectious. "We all have a critical choice to make. We can either get down and depressed or we can learn the importance of making opportunity matter. Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term - it's a way of life that we must all embrace responsibly. Today we must all live with an entrepreneurial mindset, and that's what Earning Serendipity is all about; learning to drive our lives, ideas and ideals as if we own them."

The central lesson of Earning Serendipity is this: that just as any downfall is definable through choices made, so is fortune created by an understanding of the forces in play. The path to prosperity, from this perspective, is no mystery at all, but a journey of an attainable and sustainable state of preparedness, states Llopis. "It's as easy as SEE, SOW, GROW and SHARE...OPPORTUNITY".

These are the four skills / the four leaves (like the leaves of a shamrock that graces the book's cover) that define how one earns serendipity: 1) Seeing with circular vision; 2) Sowing entrepreneurial seeds; 3) Growing seeds with the greatest potential and 4) Sharing the harvest. According to Llopis, "It is the concurrent and consistent application of these four skills that allow an individual or an organization to create and sustain a momentum of good fortune."

"As a nation, we allowed greed and leverage to replace ingenuity as the driver of our abundance," says Llopis. "A little common sense would have gone a long way, on a lot of levels. That's the lesson I'm teaching, uncommonly common sense. America's brand may be tarnished, but our foundation is solid and we know what it takes to rebuild. America has always been known as 'the land of opportunity' and Earning Serendipity is the book that will remind us of that fact and help Americans of every age, tradition and color - become, once again, a people that see, sow, grow and share the best opportunities in the world. In truth, this activity is the only way we will remain the strongest, most influential and most generous nation on earth," Llopis concludes.

Llopis is President/CEO of Glenn Llopis Group, LLC; Founder / CEO of the Center for Hispanic Leadership; Founder of ThresherOnline.com; Chairman of the E2E Mentor Program at UC-Irvine's Executive MBA Programs; Faculty Lecturer at Vanguard University; Opportunity Expert for ThirdAge.com and featured guest on several nationally syndicated television shows.