eRestaurant 2014 wins coveted Restaurant Technology Magazine Editors' Choice Award

Restaurant Technology Magazine editors name eRestaurant the “best solution for enterprise restaurant management”.

Online PR News – 22-July-2014 – Costa Mesa, CA – ALTAMETRICS, Costa Mesa, CA — July 21, 2014. Altametrics, a leading provider of strategic enterprise software solutions, announced today that the company won the 2014 Restaurant Technology Magazine Editors' Choice Award. Restaurant Technology Magazine provides industry professionals with the latest trends and news on what matters most for the success and growth of their business.

Altametrics e*Restaurant emerged as a clear winner, offering complete solutions to manage all critical areas of restaurant operations. e*Restaurant stood head and shoulder above its nearest competitors. R Magazine Editors' Choice Award selected e*Restaurant based on its ease of use, functionality, scalability, performance and price. Other features which differentiated the product are:

Simplified User Interface (UI) and Effective Mobile Apps – The e*Restaurant UI, combined with powerful mobile applications, provides fast and intuitive access to the processes that are the backbone of every restaurant’s operation, streamlining tedious tasks like writing schedules, placing food orders, and taking inventory. The e*Restaurant scheduling app allows employees to use their smart phones to check schedules, swap shifts, and perform a variety of other tasks, while the e*Restaurant mobile inventory app represents a new approach to inventory management that cuts the time to take an inventory by half.

Speed, automation, and integration – Editors singled out the jackrabbit speed of e*Restaurant 2014 when presenting this award. Editors also noted that the scalable solution is used by several of the largest restaurant companies in the world (including a single company running over 15,000 locations). The automated system can easily integrate with existing corporate single sign-on systems, centralized corporate operations profile directories, and people management systems.

"It’s an honor and a privilege to receive the Editors Choice Award from R Magazine. Altametrics continues to break new ground by offering innovative, customizable, one of kind enterprise software for the ever changing, fast paced world of restaurant chains and franchises. This coveted award recognizes the extraordinary breakthroughs and innovations Altametrics is providing to help today’s enterprises achieve higher profitability and productivity," said Mitesh Gala, CEO of Altametrics.

The R Magazine Editors' Choice Awards winner is selected by a panel of editors, staff executives, and industry experts. To read the latest version of Restaurant Technology Magazine, click here

About Restaurant Technology Magazine

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About Altametrics:
Altametrics was established in 1997 and is the leading provider of strategic enterprise solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company's solutions include: Point of Sale, Back Office, Purchasing and Inventory Management, People Management, Business Intelligence, Employee Scheduling, Customer Relationship Management, E-Mail Marketing, and Online Ordering. Altametrics has an installed base of over 100,000 users and is used by some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world.

Products include e*Restaurant, Xformity, e*SmartClock, Hula, Autogas, OrderBee and LoyalBee.

Altametrics has offices in California, Illinois, Texas, Canada & India.

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