Wonderful Things Factory Launches Facebook Photo Contest for the World's Slimmest iPhone Clip Case

Wonderful Things Factory (theWTFactory) Launches FaceBook Photo Contest to Give Away 10 FREE SlimClip Cases

Online PR News – 22-July-2014 – Atlanta, GA – What Could You Do with the World’s Slimmest iPhone Clip case? New Photo Contest Wants to Know.

The ultra-thin iPhone case with built in clip makes carrying easy and sports a breeze.

iPhones are expensive. Whether it’s an older 5 or the new and sleek 5s, chances are, it still cost a pretty penny when purchased. So how can the investment be protected when involved in strenuous activities? Wonderful Things Factory (WTFactory) has a solution with SlimClip, the world’s slimmest iPhone clip case. They are giving away ten cases to some lucky social media followers. All they have to do is take a picture and upload it at Wonderful Things Factory’s Facebook contest page. The contest will run for one week beginning on July 22nd, 2014.

Most cases designed for protection add immense bulk to the phone they are protecting. Usually these iPhone users don’t need the high security, or high price tag, these cases have to offer. They also don’t fit into armbands or pockets easily when working out or participating in physical activities.

However only SlimClip offers protection practicality and is the slimmest clip case on the market. All without breaking the bank.

Wonderful Things Factory, makers of the SlimClip Case, has created a contest where users upload and share photos of themselves engaged in activities where the SlimClip would be beneficial. Ten lucky winners will be randomly drawn and win a SlimClip case in the color of their choosing.

With over 95 million iPhone 5/5s sold worldwide, the SlimClip is the only iPhone case on the market that is thin enough to go unnoticed. However, the functionality is sure to turn heads, as is the beautiful minimalist design. Featuring a beveled front edge that protects the phone from minor accidents, the SlimClip is thin enough to not distract users during normal use. The case is also designed to lie flush against the body, eliminating the torque created when running or exercising with other clip cases.

"iPhone cases may offer protection for the phone," said Keith Hall, Founder and Product Developer at Wonderful Things Factory. "However only SlimClip offers protection, practicality and is the slimmest clip case on the market. All without breaking the bank."

The SlimClip starts at only $40 and is available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Additional options for iPhone 4S and iPhone 6 will be introduced soon. SlimClip is the perfect gift for anyone with an active lifestyle, summer birthday gifts, or as a back to school present for returning students. The SlimClip also eliminates the need for additional armbands or waistbands, saving money in the long run.

"Used my new SlimClip for a 6 miler today and am not going back to my old bulky case! I typically run with my phone and end up clipping it to my sports bra where it is hard to reach and gets sweaty. The SlimClip is light, easy to access and keeps my phone cleaner!"
Kimberly Demetriou Walker, Alpharetta GA

Enter the photo contest today by visiting the Facebook contest page. goo.gl/ZyaX6J

Learn more about the SlimClip at http://WonderfulThingsFactory.com or SlimClipCase.com

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