Morkos Photography & Video Now Starts Offering their Flexi Wedding Video Packages

Morkos Photography & Video has added a Flexi wedding video package which is meant for people who want to customize the videography service

Online PR News – 21-July-2014 – Sydney, NSW – Morkos Photography & Video recently added what they term a ‘Flexi’ package to their already list of wedding video packages on the website. According to the website this package can be customized to meet individual needs so people can opt for as many hours of video as they like or they can order a specific number of hours based on their budget. The Flexi wedding video package according to the company will help people save money while at the same time benefiting from an expert videography service. The Flexi package is perhaps the first of such packages offered by a professional and established wedding videography service in Australia.

Flexible or customizable wedding video packages are surprisingly difficult to find especially if you are looking for an expert service that offers it. The reason being that expert services are often booked months if not years in advance so there is no reason for them to be flexible. However, there is a growing need for flexible packages even from wedding couples that have an unlimited budget. According to experts many services can also gain a lot by offering flexible packages but even then few are offering. Morkos Photography & Video is probably one of the first, truly established services in Australia offering Flexi / customizable packages which according to the company will make it easy for many couples to manage their budget.

“We primarily designed these Flexi wedding video packages to be truly flexible. This means that every aspect of our wedding video service can be customized either based on budget or number of hours among other factors. So, consequently it gives wedding couples more control over their budget, which at times can be pretty tight. Because they are no longer tied down by our current packages they feel it is easier for them to order what works best without compromising quality,” said a senior manager who has been working for Morkos Photography & Video for quite some time and was one of the people who helped come up with the idea. “We expect to see many more people taking advantage of our services throughout 2014 because now they can get exactly what they want or can afford.”

Morkos Photography and Video is one of the leading wedding video services in Australia. Last year the company experienced a sharp rise in demand for their videography services which according to some industry analysts was one of the motivating factors for the company to introduce their Flexi package which was being rumoured for quite some time. If the company’s history is anything to go by we can expect the Flexi package to be a huge hit in 2014.

About Morkos Photography and Video
Wedding couples that want to benefit from the Flexi package can do so by visiting the company’s website: The website is home to lots of information about the company and the flexi package. People can customize the package to their needs either by contacting the company via the website or by giving them a call on the number listed there.

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