Lake Charles Business Strategist Teaches Business Owners to Prepare for Unexpected Hurricanes

Michele Scism teaches Entrepreneurs to prepare for the unexpected in business when hurricanes of life take charge and the only thing on the horizon is success

Online PR News – 21-July-2014 – Lake Charles, LA – Houston, TX: Business coach, speaker and strategist, Michele Scism, has the tips every business owner needs to know to be the best equipped when disaster looms, threatening to destroy the hard work and effort that can threaten the profitability and productivity of a company. Scism’s theory on business success is coming to Texas as her Make More Money Tour stops in Dallas on August 11 and Houston on August 28. She is scheduled to share tips that can grow a business to six figures and beyond even when the unexpected occurs.

The Make More Money Tour, shares some of the best expert advice in the industry.
When the hurricane season arrives, meteorologists begin preparing the community with brochures, commercials and extended information. If a hurricane aims for the mainland, the best weapon is preparing for the worst and not be that last minute person scrounging the shelves for supplies.

So here is my invitation to you says Michele Scism Find a location near you –get registered now and be there so I can help you see exactly how you can be prepared for whats to come while you go from Under Earning Expert to Highly Paid Authority in your industry.

Planning for the unexpected is also an excellent tool when it comes to business. Attendees will not only be informed and educated at Scism’s upcoming Make More Money Tour regarding the handling of a crisis, but also motivated by her strategies and coaching in designing a plan of action when disaster strikes.

“So here is my invitation to you,” says Michele Scism, “Find a location near you –get registered now and be there so I can help you see exactly how you can be prepared for what's to come while you go from Under Earning Expert to Highly Paid Authority in your industry.”

Recently completing speaking engagements in Seattle and Boston, Scism, who calls Lake Charles, LA home, said feedback from these appearances has had nothing but a positive impact on entrepreneurs. Scism’s years of experience as an entrepreneur, a business coach, speaker and strategist has assisted thousands of companies to help them continue to thrive.

After the Make More Money Tour, the next Houston scheduled event, Take Action, Get Profits is a three day experience and scheduled for September 25 - 27, 2014.
Scism’s career, which began as an entrepreneur owning a family trucking business, has been one of fulfillment watching entrepreneurs succeed in achieving their dreams. The Make More Money Tour, and the Take Action Get Profits event, are her endeavor to aid companies in achieving financial success.

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