Xcentrix Announces their Hottest Off Road Campervans Yet

Xcentrix has announced that their off road campervans will soon be unveiled to the public and its more hotter and luxurious than they were before.

Online PR News – 22-July-2014 – Moorabbin – Xcentrix recently announced that they are about to unveil their hottest off road campervans. Xcentrix said that these new camper-vans are going to be hotter than they ever were mainly because they have been designed by experts who have years of experience and they have taken into account feedback from customers gathered over the years. This will make their off road campervans a lot better in terms of look and feel. Xcentrix said that people can expect these vans to be luxurious, rugged and have everything they could ever ask for and a bit more. Xcentrix has not yet hinted at pricing but said that these will like all of their other vehicles be priced competitively.

Off road caravans have grown increasingly popular in Australia, a country which has come to be known for it’s off road opportunities. However, one of the leading reasons why people purchase off road campervans is because they are designed in general to be extremely durable in order to handle often brutal off road terrain something which the Australian outback is famous for. That said people who have invested in off road campervans over the years often complain that they are not as durable as advertised. Many times their campervans breakdown in the middle of nowhere. This is why Xcentrix is advertising their off road campervans as being extremely rugged and if their previous designs are anything to go by people can expect that they will not easily breaking down.

"At Xcentrix our goal with every project is quality and durability. We invest hundreds of man hours in ensuring that the campervans that we design are extremely durable and because of that they are reliable. Even though we cannot tell you a lot about our new off road campervans which are yet to be unveiled but people can expect that they are going to be better if not a whole lot better." said one of the executives working for Xcentrix "People who are interested in our off road campervans can contact us to find out more but we will let everyone know when they are finally ready for customers."

Xcentrix Campervans is one of the most established motorhome and camper builders in Australia. The company has been around for over a decade during which it has built and customized dozens of campers. One of the keys to being successful in this industry according to experts is to constantly be innovative and offer new design and customization options. This is where Xcentrix seems to be clearly in the lead when compare to other similar businesses out there. The ability for Xcentrix to also customize based on feedback from clients is what makes them stand out from other similar services, plus the fact that their campers are extremely durable means that a lot of their business still is via word of mouth.

About Xcentrix Campervans
More information about Xcentrix and their high end off road campervans can be found on their website: Xcentrix.com.au. People who are interested in buying customized off road campervans can also contact the company directly via the website or simply give them a call.

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