Innovative Service Provides Builders And Tradesmen With Access To Current UK Planning Applications

A UK based company has announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind service which will revolutionise the way builders and tradesmen secure future business.

Online PR News – 21-July-2014 – Ipswich – 'Actual Planning Leads' is a brand new concept that allows tradespeople of all types to get access to the information they need to grow their business quickly and effectively. Through a new online portal, service and trades professionals are able to access the latest planning applications in the regions that appeal to them. From these results, building professionals are able to identify construction projects who are likely to be looking to secure contractors with their particular expertise.

Actual Planning Leads also allows members to identify a potential project and immediately create a professionally written sales. All the business owner needs to do is print post the letter, fast-tracking the tender process and getting ahead of the bidding game.

Roger Balcombe, CEO of Actual Planning Leads commented “We know that buidling related professionals are always looking to secure new work in their area and our service provides an invaluable tool which not only identifies planning applications but also helps our members secure more work.

Mr Balcombe continued “The service is a perfect marketing tool for businesses of any size, making finding new projects straightforward and easy. Business owners rarely have time to do their own research and hunting around for the details can be time consuming and costly. With a click, they can have the information at their fingertips.”

From January to March 2014, district level planning authorities granted 78,000 permissions in the UK, according to the Gov.UK website. Actual Planning Leads is a tool which will harness the power of information and help members find every potential new client in and around their areas.

Actual Planning Leads is a comprehensive marketing portal for small to large builders and trade professionals. It provides real time access to planning applications, as well as a complete suite of tracking and marketing tools. The website is consistently updated and the company provides complete customer support for their product. To take advantage of the free trial membership and test the service out please visit the official website at