BluePedal Group launches US Reputation Risk Think Tank and Consultancy, RL Expert Group

With a mission to repair and protect a Company's reputation, the BluePedal Group (BPG) have launched RL Expert Group, a US based think tank and consultancy.

Online PR News – 21-July-2014 – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong – Clients are provided with proven strategies, tools and technologies to support their license to operate, to mitigate risks and to exploit opportunities. Services are provided across 4 disciplines: Reputation and Outrage Management, Risk Management and Sustainability, Digital, Media and Communications and Research and Responsible Investment.
RL's global network of RL Experts - linked by state-of-the-art technology - will also be working on research and policy related to matters of importance to Asia and how Asia connects with the rest of the world. Key areas of long term research include: Water Scarcity and Urbanisation, Diversity and Inclusion and Reputation Risk in the context of Complex Global Supply Chains and Financial Strategies.
BluePedal Group Founder and Reputation Risk expert, Leesa Soulodre and Harvard Sustainability Professor and Industry heavyweight, Dr. Robert B. Pojasek have been named Managing Partners. With more than 20 years in industry delivering cybersecurity, technology and stakeholder trust programs for the world's leading companies internationally, Soulodre leads the Asian and European Practices of RL Expert. Pojasek, former Chief Scientist for Shaw Group and Exponent, with more than 40 years of industry expertise in quality systems and sustainability will lead RL's US practice.
The company hits the ground running throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Selected RL Experts include:
- Dr. Peter Sandman, the godfather of outrage management (New York)
- Former US Defence, Security expert, Jeremy Paulson (New York)
- International Standards and Quality Expert, James Digges, (Sydney)
- Dr. Thomas Scheiwiller, former PwC Global Sustainability practice leader (Zurich)
- Robert Brears, Integrated Water Management Expert (Christchurch)
- Former BBC Communications heavyweight, Donald Steel (London),
- Responsible Investment Industry leader, Robert Klijn (Amsterdam),
- Digital Reputation Expert, Paul Nixon (London), and
- Former Australian Defence Crisis Expert, Tony Ridley (Melbourne).
"We are confident that with our team of highly specialized and experienced Experts that we can make a difference. We empower our global operating clients with the necessary strategies, tools and technologies to protect and support their license to operate, to mitigate risks and to exploit opportunities," states Dr Robert. B Pojasek, Managing Partner USA
Leesa Soulodre, Managing Partner Asia and Europe: "The RL Expert team combines more than 350 years of industry experience across high risk industry sectors including transport and aviation, defence, information technology, food and beverage, fashion, beauty and luxury, pharmaceutical and biotechnology and banking and financial services. It is through the combination of this deep industry expertise with proven industry leaders, best practice strategies, independent research and leading tools and technologies that RL Expert offer distinctive capabilities for reputation and risk management."
To learn more about RL Expert please visit
For more information, please contact:
USA - Dr Robert B. Pojasek -
+1 508-371-8912
UK - Donald Steel -
+44 (0)7850 032658
ASIA - Leesa Soulodre -
+65 8186 2155
About RL Expert
RL Expert is an international reputation and risk management think tank and consultancy. A division of the BluePedal Group, its mission is to repair, build and protect a Company's reputation capital. Through its service offering of reputation and outrage management, risk management, sustainability, digital, media and communications and research and responsible investment, clients are provided with proven strategies, tools and technologies to support their license to operate, to mitigate risks and to exploit opportunities. RL Experts are located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Geneva, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Melbourne, New York, Sydney, Singapore and Zurich.
About BluePedal Group
The BluePedal Group is an international network of specialist agencies who provide Marketing, Digital and Communications services for luxury and premium brands. In fashion, beauty, luxury, consumer, food and beverage and the technology sectors, the BluePedal Group nurtures emerging talent and established brands with an intimate personalised approach built for the long term. The BluePedal Group boasts a global network of specialist agencies in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Melbourne.